Proposing a wiki

For the first time, I’ve included a proposal for a wiki in a report for a client. This is hardly a high-tech company—in fact, it’s about as brick-and-mortar as they come—but the inclusion of a wiki in my recommendations was a no-brainer. The company is expanding rapidly overseas and managing communication in a 24-hour cycle is getting more and more difficult. Several executives I interviewed lamented the lack of a tool that would allow projects to move forward even when headquarters staff were snug in their beds. This would hardly be the first company to use a wiki as an internal communication/collaboration tool, but I’m still anxious… Read More »

Employee Communications wiki open for input

The doors are open at a wiki I’ve set up called The Employee Communications Manifesto. The term “manifesto” is, I think, apt, since this wiki will serve as a group’s declaration of ideas and exposition of the theories and directions of a movement. The group is the community of employee communications professionals. The ideas, theories and directions are those those of the employee communications profession.

I’ve launched the wiki because the employee communications profession needs a baseline. As I have noted here before, internal communications seems to be performing less than brilliantly at achieving its goals of employee alignment… Read More »

Spam isn’t the only e-mail problem

When people talk about the problems with e-mail, the conversation usually turns to spam. There could, however, be a bigger problem brewing with the potential to cost companies a lot more than they pay to deal with unsolicited e-mail advertisements.

The study, conducted by Queen’s University in Belfast, examined employee use of business e-mail. The results are disturbing. According to the study, 28% of workers have sent sexually explicit material to a co-worker. Thirty-one percent used company e-mail to send such material to someone outside the company. The bigger the company, the greater the abuse. Of those who send sexual material,… Read More »

Internal communications during a takeover

Is it a sign that public relations people are entirely clucless about employee communications? The UK edition of PR Week released an article today that offers advice for communicating to employees during a takeover. While a couple case studies give the article some life, the advice is a blinding flash of the obvious: Be open. Be honest. “At times of instability, staff not only deserve to know what is going on in their own organisation, but also to hear it from the very top. This means that as soon as a takeover bid goes public, the comms team must be open and honest with employees and secure the engagement of senior management.”

Oh,… Read More »

Communicate ineffectively, go to jail

Ineffective internal communications in North America can result in a disenfranchised workforce, diminished competitiveness, reduced profits, and a litany of other woes. At least you can’t be fined for it.

Beginning in March, companies operating in the European Union (EU) can be fined up to 75,000 pounds for violating a directive that compels them to communicate effectively with their employees. The directive gives employees the right to know about everything that materially affects their job security, prospects and future, according to Pauline Arnot, director of Beattie Communications, a UK internal communication consultancy.

I’m… Read More »

The resurgence of internal communications

I’m worried about employee communications as a profession based on shockingly bad performance across the business world. That doesn’t mean some companies aren’t getting it right. In fact, in some organizations, employee communications is replacing media relations as the hot communications spot.

That’s the conclusion of Amy Friedman in a piece she wrote for Positioning Online, the Web newsletter from communications recruiting firm Heyman Associates. “CEOs understand that in order to communicate objectives, internal communications must be a priority,” she writes. “It?s not just a means to ensure the employee population is invested in the… Read More »

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