IABC 2010 presentation: The gold in your employees’ social graphs

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My presentation this morning at the IABC 2010 World Conference expanded on my Stop Blocking theme, articulating the rationale for providing open access to social networks for employees but going a step beyond, identifying the value that can be extracted—ethically, authentically and transparently—from those networks by organizations smart enough to establish supporting models and processes.

What follows is the speaker support, developed in Prezi instead of PowerPoint You can view it full-sized here. Please keep in mind that this is speaker support and is not intended to stand on its own, although I think most of the concepts should be pretty clear.

Once the presentation loads, just click anywhere in the window to advance to the next slide.



  • 1.Thanks for sharing this, Shel! I was attending one of the other all-star sessions (why does IABC continue to schedule all the top speakers at the same time?), so the Prezi recap will at least give me a sense of what I missed.

    Bryan Person | June 2010 | Austin, TX

  • 2.Nobody admires IABC more than me, Bryan, but I'm no fan of the All-Star session concept. The speakers members come to see are all ganged into the same two time slots, forcing attendees to make decisions to see one at the expense of not just one, but three or four others. I read comments leading up to the conference asking for a change to this, which I fully support. All-Stars are the speakers who got the highest ratings the year before. Scatter them through the conference with symbols on the program to let attendees know there's a top-rated speaker among the options. It seems a far better solution to me.

    Shel Holtz | June 2010 | Tonronto, ON, Canada

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