FIR Interview: Red E App CEO Jonathan Erwin on employee communication trends and challenges

FIR InterviewsA special report on trends and challenges facing internal communicators drew on the observations of nine internal communications experts, including Peter Shankman, gini Dietrich, Susan Cellura, Steve Kaus, and FIR co-host Shel Holtz. In this FIR interview, The report—available for free from Red E App—a mobile tool that connects employees and organizations across a variety of dimensions—addresses eight distinct problems and six solutions.

In this FIR interview, Shel talks with Red E App co-founder and CEO Jonathan Erwin about the report—Internal Communications 2015—and some of its key findings.

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Internal communications thought leaders on the value of the employee communications function

Internal Communications Thought Leaders

I recently posted a vigorous rationale for maintaining a discrete internal communications function as a response to a growing chorus of voices who have deemed employee communications antiquated and irrelevant. As I prepared that post, I also reached out to some of the smartest people I know in the internal communications space for their own thoughts. Here’s what they had to say.

Brad Whitworth

Brad Whitworth, ABC, IABC FellowBrad currently works as a senior communication and marketing manager at Cisco Systems, but he has a long history in employee communications. When we met, he was a senior member of Hewlett Packard’s legendary internal communications team. He… Read More »

The case for internal communications

Internal Communications“Internal communications as a narrowly defined function and approach is dead.”

So sayeth former BBC HR and Internal Communications Director Lucy Adams, who adds that “a fundamental re-think of communications—and more importantly relationships—with our employees is needed.” According to a report from O’Dwyer, Adams noted that the all-staff email at BBC is “possibly the most loathed of all internal communication.”

Well, no shit. And if Adams’ description defined the internal communications function, I’d have little choice but to agree. One distribution tactic, however, does not comprise the employee communications discipline as… Read More »

Will companies ever embrace a culture of messaging?

Addicted to Email

A study finding email remains the most important digital tool for American workers reveals some significant obstacles to the adoption of the kinds of collaborative applications that will be required to compete in 2015 and beyond.

Email’s roots go back to the early 1960s, making it a technology that is more than half a century old. Its business adoption began in the early 1990s, hampered by confusing and incompatible technologies, along with the usual legal and security concerns that accompany any new technology into the workplace. But once it took root, it was easily seen as a better communication tool than inter-office memos, faxes,… Read More »

The customer has spoken: Every employee must be socially engaged

LinkedIn's list of the 25 most socially engaged companies
LinkedIn’s list of the most socially engaged companies
It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what position employees hold in your organizational hierarchy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2C company or B2B, or whether your workforce is younger or older. Employees in your organization will use collaborative media on the job. There’s not one damn thing you can do to stop it, so you might as well figure out how to turn it to your advantage.

Fortunately, regardless of industry or hierarchy or demographic, there’s a lot of advantage to be gained.

You will retain more customers

In virtually every call center, performance is measured… Read More »

Will your intranet get Known?

Social media has a place in the enterprise. Study after study confirms that employees who are able to engage with each other over social channels are more productive, more engaged, and even lead to improved market share and revenue.

But it has been a struggle to adapt social media to the enterprise. Most efforts involve a bolt-on, such as Yammer or Chatter added to an existing intranet. These can be made to work; companies like ConAgra, Pitney Bowes, and TeeKay Shipping have made these messaging systems into rock-solid tools for employees to find and engage with colleagues who are involved in similar activities. The deeper sense of… Read More »

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