Arrested for spimming

I’ve been getting a ton of spim lately. Spim is spam that targets your instant messager (IM) rather than your e-mail. At least twice a day, my IM client pops up with an invitation to visit a Web site created and maintained entirely by women. I get more irritated every time I have to put a block on the ad which comes from a different source every time it appears.

So I cheered when I read that 18-year-old Anthony Greco was arrested last Wednesday for sending 1.5 million spim messages advertising everything from mortages to porn. All Greco’s spims reportedly were sent to subscribers to the IM service, so he wasn’t responsible… Read More »

Formality the first victim of online communication

Instant and test messaging—IM and SMS—are growing at mind-boggling rates. In direct proportion to that growth, civility, grammar, and spelling seem to be going out the window. That’s the conclusion of a study of 1,000 online Australians conducted by ninemsn. Almost half of those surveyed regularly use IM at work, and 90% of them don’t think spelling and grammar are important in their online communication.

An article in The Advertiser quotes ninemsn consumer services director Dominic Finnegan: “Formality is the first casualty of online communication.” The article includes five key guidelines of SMS and IM communication.… Read More »

Instant Messaging: The sleeping giant

Gartner has called Instant Messaging “the sleeping giant of the Internet.” The tech analysis company expects 70% of employees will use IM for personal communication this year. Already, business communications account for one-third of the 1 billion instant messages sent daily. What will spur the growth of IM, though, is the introduction of new technologies that transform the technology for a simple communication tool to a front end for business applications.

India’s Express Computer magazine reports that more mobile devices will be able to access IM and a host of business applications are ready for unveiling. It’s not so much instant… Read More »

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