Friday Wrap #42: Updated FTC rules, hashtags on Facebook, Instagram on brand websites, and more

Friday Wrap #42There were plenty of big news items this week, making it easy to overlook some smaller, less flashy reports that were overwhelmed by all the coverage of the papal election, the new Samsung phone and several other stories. Still, there’s value in knowing about these, so let’s get right to them. As always, I collect the stories from which I select the Wrap items on my link blog at

FTC updates its social media rules

Much was made of the first release of rules governing marketing use of social media by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The update on those rules, however, barely made a ripple. That doesn’t mean… Read More »

Friday Wrap #40: Paid social surges, how-to pinning,the Instagram-Facebook link, naming Nemo

Friday Wrap #40

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The coming surge of paid social media

Seriously, I’ve done 40 of these wraps? As always, this week’s wrap presents some news from the previous seven days that might have slid by your newsfeeds unseen. I collect links for consideration for the Wrap (as well as my weekly podcast in a link blog at”. You’re welcome to subscribe to stay current on even more good stuff that may have been under your radar.

Promoted tweets and native ads “have done the impossible,” according to Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes; they have made advertising a bit more tolerable. The proof is in the numbers, Holmes writes in a… Read More »

New tools that scrape user images could be on a collision course with the law

Collision CourseThe surging popularity of photo sharing, marketers’ desire to capitalize on those images for brand purposes, emerging technologies, and the law appear to be on a collision course.

Just as social media management company Venueseen opens an API designed to scoop up Instagram photos for use in a brand’s marketing efforts, a New York judge has ruled that two news outlets infringed on a photographer’s copyrights by publishing the photos he posted on Twitter.

Venueseen’s API was announced with a press release on Wednesday. The iconic Indianapolis 500 race is the first company to use the tool. They’ll be able to “plot fan’s geotagged and… Read More »

Friday Wrap #28:Time-delayed social media, calls to action, enterprise app stores, SOCL is open

Friday Wrap #28The weekend is upon us; let’s wrap up the week gone by. I collect all the items I consider sharing here on a link blog at LinksFromShel; it’s also where I draw some inspiration for blog posts and the material I’ll cover in my podcast. You’re always welcome to add it to your resources.

Time delay may be applied to State Department posts

All the research tells us that clear policies and training are the best way to avoid problems with employees engaging in social media. Evidently nobody shared that information at the U.S. State Department, which may opt instead to subject anything a staff member writes for any social media channel to at… Read More »

Friday Wrap #27: Multimedia news releases, fake news releases, gamification failures, info overload

Friday WrapI’m knocking out this week’s Wrap from a hotel room in Cary, North Carolina. Feel free to check out Links from Shel, the link blog where I save all the various posts and articles from which I choose the items to appear in the Wrap (as well as those I’ll talk about on For Immediate Release.

The Social Media News Release lives; we just don’t call it that any more

A controversy swirled around the idea of the Social Media News Release (SMNR), which was derided as little more than lipstick on a pig. Some argued that the whole idea of the press release had run its course in the era of social media. A few years later, nobody talks about the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #25: Facebook’s brand page feed, a finger on Twitter’s pulse, the mobile-social link

Friday Wrap

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The Wrap is coming to you today from Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Client work wrapped up at noon, but my flight’s not until 7 p.m., so I’m ensconced in a guest office with nice, strong WiFi and an itch to summarize some of the most interesting posts and articles from the last seven days. If you ever want to see the complete listing of stories from which I’ve drawn the items in the Wrap, you’ll find it at

Facebook brand page content gets its own feed

Marketers have howled in protest since Facebook jiggered its algorithm, reducing the number of updates that have found their way into the news… Read More »

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