Friday Wrap #67: digital rises, Google enables embeds, Cole Instagrams a response, Storify acquired

Friday Wrap #67The big stories this week centered on twitter’s IPO, announced (of course) in a tweet, and tasteless brand tributes on the solemn anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. (If you haven’t seen AT&T’s tweet or the sign in the Marriott lobby, did you just awaken from a coma?) In the Friday Wrap, I try to report on smaller stories of great interest to communicators that might have slipped by unnoticed. You are most welcome to visit my link blog,, where I collect the stories from which I choose items for the Wrap. The link blog also serves as the source of stories for my podcast, For Immediate Release.

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Introducing Social, Visual, a new Flipboard magazine

Social, Visual

A few months back, Flipboard introduced magazines. As you flip through stories, you can tap the plus sign that now appears with each article and add it to any of the magazines you’ve created. These all become available for other Flipboard users to subscribe to.

These magazines—more than 2 million had been created as of July 23—are essentially curation efforts. Flipboard even uses the word, noting that “Millions of magazines have been curated by Flipboard readers.” They cover topics the readers are passionate about, but that may not be collected anywhere else. The ease of curation using Flipboard surpasses any other tool out there.… Read More »

Friday Wrap #63: Google’s attack on press releases, Facebook’s updated algorithm, anti-social CEOs

Friday Wrap #63

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A steady stream of reports, studies, surveys and announcements flooded my feeds this week. Today’s Wrap includes some big announcements as well as some other items that may have escaped your notice. I collect all the items from which I choose the Wrap contents at my link blog,, which also serves as the source for stories I report on the For Immediate Release podcast. Feel free to add it to your list of resources.

Google vs. PR

Press releases have been around for more than 100 years and they serve a distinct purpose, even when they’re posted to the Web (as they all are these days). But… Read More »

Friday Wrap #62: Facebook embeds, media consumption, underfunded content marketing, AVEs, and more

Friday Wrap #62The Friday Wrap is a review of some of the posts and news items from the last week that I found particularly interesting—and that you may have missed amidst other stories that got bigger play. I select these stories from a pool of items I collect during the week at, which you’re welcome to peruse. It’s the same collection from which I draw stories to report on For Immediate Release, the podcast I co-host with Neville Hobson.

Now you can embed Facebook posts

You can do it with tweets, YouTube videos and Instagram photos, but until this week, you couldn’t do it with Facebook posts. Now, hoping to spread Facebook… Read More »

Friday Wrap #60: deflating social media bubble, Fortune 500 adoption, Facebook’s reach, rising FOMO

Friday Wrap #60

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Edelman sparked a lot of conversation this week with its report on PR’s role—and the need for ethical behavior—in the growing field of native advertising. I’ll talk about that, and some contrary points of view, on Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release. In the meantime, a lot of other news and research was shared during the past week, some of the most interesting of which (to me, anyway) is listed in today’s Wrap. As always, you can find the bigger list of items from which I chose today’s Wrap material at my link blog,

A deflating bubble doesn’t spell the demise of social media

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Friday Wrap #58: declining appeal of social sites, social’s SEO role, CMO priorities, Reddit traffic

Friday Wrap 58
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I hope my fellow American readers had a fantastic Fourth of July. I’m sure some of you are still enjoying a long weekend. Despite the holiday break, there was still plenty of news and no shortage of studies and reports released. This week’s wrap is heavily dominated by studies and surveys, but there’s also a new Twitter feature one can only hope finds its way into all tweets. You’re welcome to visit my link blog, although the bookmarklet wasn’t working today, so a dozen or so items I wanted to share there aren’t available. With luck, Tumblr will have the problem ironed out by next week.

The waning appeal of the… Read More »

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