Friday Wrap #62: Facebook embeds, media consumption, underfunded content marketing, AVEs, and more

Friday Wrap #62The Friday Wrap is a review of some of the posts and news items from the last week that I found particularly interesting—and that you may have missed amidst other stories that got bigger play. I select these stories from a pool of items I collect during the week at, which you’re welcome to peruse. It’s the same collection from which I draw stories to report on For Immediate Release, the podcast I co-host with Neville Hobson.

Now you can embed Facebook posts

You can do it with tweets, YouTube videos and Instagram photos, but until this week, you couldn’t do it with Facebook posts. Now, hoping to spread Facebook… Read More »

Friday Wrap #60: deflating social media bubble, Fortune 500 adoption, Facebook’s reach, rising FOMO

Friday Wrap #60

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Edelman sparked a lot of conversation this week with its report on PR’s role—and the need for ethical behavior—in the growing field of native advertising. I’ll talk about that, and some contrary points of view, on Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release. In the meantime, a lot of other news and research was shared during the past week, some of the most interesting of which (to me, anyway) is listed in today’s Wrap. As always, you can find the bigger list of items from which I chose today’s Wrap material at my link blog,

A deflating bubble doesn’t spell the demise of social media

Read More »

Friday Wrap #58: declining appeal of social sites, social’s SEO role, CMO priorities, Reddit traffic

Friday Wrap 58
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I hope my fellow American readers had a fantastic Fourth of July. I’m sure some of you are still enjoying a long weekend. Despite the holiday break, there was still plenty of news and no shortage of studies and reports released. This week’s wrap is heavily dominated by studies and surveys, but there’s also a new Twitter feature one can only hope finds its way into all tweets. You’re welcome to visit my link blog, although the bookmarklet wasn’t working today, so a dozen or so items I wanted to share there aren’t available. With luck, Tumblr will have the problem ironed out by next week.

The waning appeal of the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #57: Twitter’s rewind button, walled gardens hurt ROI, guest blogging under Penguin 2.0

Friday Wrap #58

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I was away much of this week at IABC’s annual world conference. The news kept pouring in—lots of it this week—making for a content-rich installment of the Friday Wrap. As always, I collect the stories from which I choose Wrap items on my link blog at Add it to your reading list to stay up to date on all the stories I collect based on their newsworthiness.

Replay that twitter stream

Twitter continues to experiment with new services and features as it positions itself to be profitable and continue attracting new users. The latest of these was telegraphed by CEO Dick Costolo on Wednesday:… Read More »

Friday Wrap #53: Controversy leads to great PR, execs want CEOs to be social, Reddit drives traffic

Friday Wrap #53

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Several reports, studies and news items may have slipped by unnoticed this week in the wake of bigger stories, like Facebook’s response to criticism for allowing offensive material to sneak through its filters. Not to worry! Every time I see an item of value to communicators, I cave it to my link blog at I choose items from this collection to appear in the Friday Wrap, which begins below. If you find an item that should be included, send it to me via email or any other channel where we’re connected.

Photos resonate for newspapers…except one

Instagram has become an important channel for a… Read More »

Friday Wrap #50: autheticity gaps, more time online, an Instagram annual report, word of eye, & more

Friday Wrap #50

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Amidst the bigger stories of the week, some great items tend to get lost. The Friday Wrap is a collection of items from the last seven days worthy of note by communicators and marketers that you may have missed. I collect stories to consider for the Wrap—as well as my podcast—at

Fleishman study predicts a coming corporate reputation crisis

Every brand Fleishman Hillard reviewed in its Authenticity Gap study “found a gap between people’s expectations of the industry category and their actual experiences of the company or brand,” according to an item in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog. Three… Read More »

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