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Social, Visual

A few months back, Flipboard introduced magazines. As you flip through stories, you can tap the plus sign that now appears with each article and add it to any of the magazines you’ve created. These all become available for other Flipboard users to subscribe to.

These magazines—more than 2 million had been created as of July 23—are essentially curation efforts. Flipboard even uses the word, noting that “Millions of magazines have been curated by Flipboard readers.” They cover topics the readers are passionate about, but that may not be collected anywhere else. The ease of curation using Flipboard surpasses any other tool out there. And now that these magazines are available via the Web—not just using a mobile app—their utility is increased considerably.

That’s why I decided to start one of my own. These days, social visual communication is the trend to which I’m paying most attention. There are other trends that are ridiculously important. Mobile tops these, but games and gamification, content marketing and content curation are also important (among others). But communicators can adapt easily to new channels and platforms. Most of us, though, were schooled in communicating with words. Images represent a new currency in communications. As Robin Kelsey, a Harvard photography professor, put it:

This is a watershed time where we are moving away from photography as a way of recording and storing a past moment, and we are turning photography into a communication medium.

For communicators to begin using images as the primary channel of communication, rather than as support for narrative text—is a stretch. Thus it has become a trend of particular fascination for me.

To that end, I’m collecting articles that deal with social visual communication, along with the tools in the category, like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, MixBit and others. I hope you find it useful. The magazine is called, simply, Social, Visual.

Happy flipping!

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