FIR Podcast #70: Capitalizing on Insults

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Chris Christensen and Jen Phillips joined host Shel Holtz to discuss these topics:

  • Most employees don’t know what makes their company different from the competition — and can’t explain it to customers
  • U.S. travelers make 140 different website visits (on average) before booking a trip. Do you know your customers’ path before they make a decision on your product or service?
  • Some companies have turned insults and attacks by the President-elect into badges of honor — and merchandise for sale.
  • Getting people to share your content isn’t as big a deal as some marketers think. What does it take to amplify your content (and what should we be measuring)?
  • Tech correspondent Dan York follows up on the Amazon Echo ecosystem and reports on China’s notice to app developers, Facebook’s fake news filter rolling out in Germany, a change to then notification on Facebook that a post has been edited,
  • The panel also discusses the Amazon Alexa’s dominance at CES (while VR struggled to capture marketers’ attention)
  • Jen found an Alexa-like product in development aimed at seniors
  • A study found investors pay attention to company tweets, and there’s a difference between how the react to good and bad news
  • The Washington Post has introduced a newsletter that summarizes reader comments. There’s a business model there for brands and agencies.

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About today’s panel:

Chris ChristensenChris Christensen is the CEO at, a website that helps connect companies with relevant bloggers, writers, podcasters, videographers, and other content creators. He’s also the host of the Amateur Traveler Podcast, which he’s been producing almost as long as this show, since June 2005. Chris is also a coder; he was a director of Engineering for TripAdvisor, Executive VP of Engineering and Operations for LiveWorld, and a manager at Apple, designing and programming server solutions.

Jennifer Zingsheim PhillipsJennifer Zingsheim Phillips is the principal at 4L Strategies, consulting and providing content development for a variety of industries. She has worked in communications and public affairs for 20 years. Her background includes work in electoral politics, government, lobbying, and public affairs PR work.