Webinar: Internal Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is overtaking just about every other method when it comes to delivering results. One study found marketers achieved an average return on investment of $6.85 for every dollars spend on influencer marketing. (It’s even better for consumer packaged goods, which gets ROI of $11.33, and retailers, whose ROI is $10.48.) Another study revealed that 22% of customers are acquired through influencer marketing. Eighty-four percent of marketers plan to use an influencer marketing campaign this year. It makes sense, since 92% of people say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations over ads.

It has long been true that practices that catch fire externally eventually find their way inside the enterprise. That hasn’t been the case with influencer marketing. Few organizations even know who their internal influencers are, no less how they can help spread messages with greater credibility and better results. Employee communicators continue to pump time and resources into manager communication despite the fact that managers are notoriously unreliable communicators,

It is time for internal communicators to find the hidden influence networks in their organizations and develop processes that will bring the same kind of impressive results into the organizations that our external colleagues have been achieving for years. That’s why I’m offering a webinar on internal influencer marketing at noon Eastern on July 26. I’ll cover…

  • The different kinds of influencers inside an organization and when each is best for the kind of communication you’re planning
  • How to get content into the hands of influencers without knowing who they are (and how doing so can help you identify them)
  • The best way to map influence networks in your organization
  • How to incorporate influencers into your communications ethically without damaging their own credibility
  • Why influencers should be treated as a special tier of “informed insiders”

I have put internal influencers to work in a successful communication effort, and I’ll share that experience in addition to providing practical ideas you can implement in your organization right away.


06/30/16 | 0 Comments | Webinar: Internal Influencer Marketing