FIR Podcast #109: CEOs Torturing English

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Neville Hobson joined Shel Holtz for the October edition of the monthly Hobson & Holtz Report. This month’s topics:

  • Neville and Shel at RunnymedeThree distinguished PhDs propose a Magna Carta for Artificial Intelligence. Too soon? (The image at right is of Shel and Neville in 2014 visiting Runnymede, where the Magna Carta was signed.)
  • Research establishes a connection between CEOs who mangle English during analyst calls and falling share prices.
  • What can PR agencies and associations do to build a reputation of trust in the wake of the Bell Pottinger scandal?
  • New data points reinforce the importance of companies taking positions on social and political issues. Most importantly, Edelman’s 2017 Earned Brand study found that 30% of consumers are “belief-driven” buyers.
  • In the UK, political activists are using an app to influence party conference votes.
  • Two crises—one from Facebook and one from Unilever’s Dove brand—were both completely avoidable.
  • Dan York’s tech report covers a women’s boycott of Twitter pushed people to give the Twitter alternative, Mastodon, a try; podcast app Castbox has a new in-audio search function.

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Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About Neville Hobson:

Neville Hobson>Neville Hobson was co-host of The Hobson & Holtz Report for over 10 years. For over 15 years, Neville has been a voice of experience and influence when it comes to speaking about digital technologies, disruptive change in workplaces and marketplaces, relevant trends to pay close attention to, and what it all means for your business. His experiences embrace deep understanding and subject-matter expertise in contemporary business issues that include social, digital and cognitive technologies, connecting that with a career in traditional public relations, marketing communication, employee compensation and benefits communication, and investor relations. Based in the Thames Valley some 30 miles west of London, Neville works either from his home office or from a client’s location; or from wherever he has a good network connection.

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