A new step for every strategic communication plan

Note: This is my first effort with Microsoft’s new online publishing tool, Sway. What do you think?



  • 1.Hi Shel -

    Thanks for putting this together ... The pre-mortem is a valuable insight for communications strategists. A simple idea that can add a ton of value, but one that won't happen spontaneously in an organization. Excellent, practical advice for all communicators.

    Love this Sway model, too!

    Keep up the terrific work.

    Caroline Kealey | November 2014 | Canada

  • 2.Shel, good concept that I've applied to media relations coaching for decades by asking: "what don't you want to talk about?" I hadn't thought to apply it to all the planning I've done and am about to do. Very timely "slap upside the head."


    Mary Ann McCauley | November 2014 | Reno