FIR #21: Vying for relevance

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Today’s panel includes Richard Binhammer, one of the earliest adopters of social media for business while on the Dell communications team; Olivier Blanchard, director of Operations and Strategy at Frontspace Media; and Howard Greenstein, chief operating officer of DomainSkate and co-founder of the Social Media Club. Today’s topics include…

  • What good all those Super Bowl commercials did and whether the $5 million each advertiser spent for 30 seconds of air time might have been better spent on digital media
  • Richard Edelman’s call for CEOs to come out of the bunker and represent their organizations to all stakeholders, and whether CEOs should use social media channels as part of that effort
  • Dan York reports on Facebook’s 12th birthday and the claim that we’re now only separated by 3.5 degrees (rather than the famous six degrees of separation), SoundCloud’s entry into streaming media, and the primary election in Dan’s home state of New Hampshire, including the Sanders campaign’s use of Snapchat
  • So how seriously should we be taking SnapChat considering Gary Vaynerchuk’s assertion that it will be B2B-ready in 2-3 years and Taco Bell’s campaign to reveal its new product to its quarter-million SnapChat followers ahead of the big reveal with its Super Bowl commercial
  • Is the homepage dead and, if not, how does it fit in an increasingly newsfeed-oriented media ecosystem?
  • There are filters emerging that are designed to make the content shared with you more relevant, and they span everything from Twitter and Facebook’s plans for their newsfeeds to Kia’s use of IBM’s Watson to identify influencers to the idea of the “influence curator”
  • Why haven’t marketers and PR practitioners embraced the kinds of short videos produced by Al Jazeera Plus, Now This News, and all the media outlets delivering video through SnapChat’s Discover feature?

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Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About this week’s panel

FIR 22 panel

Richard Binhammer is one of the first adopters of social media for business. In 2006, he became active in social media by engaging with bloggers who were using their new-found influence to impact brands and corporate reputations. From these beginnings of monitoring blogs through simple web searches, he became an early adopter of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, leading to strategic adoption of social networks for business purposes. He currently consults on social media strategies, skills assessments/training programs and corporate communications efforts. From 2006-2012, he was a widely acclaimed corporate leader in experimenting, adopting, analyzing and deploying social media as a tool to help business be social and do better business. As director on Dell’s Social Media and Community team, he was also responsible for communications, social relations and training while continuing to be active in Dell’s social media outreach and overall adoption across the company. Before Dell, he worked with several communications consulting agencies in St. Louis and New York and worked in Canada as a political aide to senior cabinet ministers.

Olivier Blanchard is a French-born, American-based Brand Management and Digital Marketing consultant, the author of two best-selling books, and an acclaimed keynote speaker. As Director of Operations and Strategy at Frontspace, he draws from his years of experience in strategic Marketing and Business Management roles across a range of B2B, B2C and B2G industries, to help companies and their partners develop successful digital strategies, properly deploy social business capabilities across their organizations, and align their programs to business goals and objectives. Though based in the US, his geographic range extends beyond North America to Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Olivier is the author of the best-selling #1 social business desk reference for digital managers and business executives: Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts In Your Organization (Que/Pearson). Olivier is also a sought-after subject-matter expert and corporate trainer.

Howard Greenstein is a marketing technology strategist, working with companies to form strategies for online communities, social networking, blogs, an d other media. He helped found the Social Media Club, which he served as CEO and executive director. Currently Howard is chief operating officer at DomainSkate, which helps companies protect themselves from brand fraud and cybercrimes. And he is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University.

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