FIR Podcast #89: Learning Nothing at Penn State

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Richard Binhammer and Gerard Braud join host Shel Holtz for a conversation on these topics:

  • Why hasn’t Penn State learned anything about crisis communications in the five years since the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal? They seem to be operating out of the same playbook following the death of a fraternity pledge.
  • More CEOs are being shown the door over ethical lapses. Why is this happening and is there anything communicators should be doing to prevent it (especially given some of the Global Alliance’s Melbourne Mandate and the Arthur W. Page Society’s Corporate Character pronouncements).
  • Twitter co-founder and Medium CEO Ev Williams thinks the Internet is broken. Does that make it a dangerous place for brands?
  • A Sprout Social study finds that, in most cases, consumers don’t want company social media accounts to be snarky.
  • The Trump administration is removing treasure troves of data from the White House website. How important is it for a government to make data available to citizens, given how we’re using data these days?
  • Dan York reports on changes to Facebook pages for nonprofit organizations, Biz Stone’s return to Twitter, and audio versions of articles coming to Medium paid subscribers.

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About our guests:

Richard BinhammerRichard Binhammer is one of the first adopters of social media for business. In 2006, he became active in social media by engaging with bloggers who were using their new-found influence to impact brands and corporate reputations. From these beginnings of monitoring blogs through simple web searches, he became an early adopter of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, leading to strategic adoption of social networks for business purposes. He currently consults on social media strategies, skills assessments/training programs and corporate communications efforts. From 2006-2012, he was a widely acclaimed corporate leader in experimenting, adopting, analyzing and deploying social media as a tool to help business be social and do better business. As director on Dell’s Social Media and Community team, he was also responsible for communications, social relations and training while continuing to be active in Dell’s social media outreach and overall adoption across the company. Before Dell, he worked with several communications consulting agencies in St. Louis and New York and worked in Canada as a political aide to senior cabinet ministers.

Gerard BraudGerard Braud (pronounced Jared Bro) is a crisis communications expert and media trainer who has helped organizations on five continents.  He cuts his teeth in the crisis arena as a frontline journalist for the first 15 years of his career. You may have seen him on NBC, CBS, CNN or on The Weather Channel. For the past 20 years, he has been president of Braud Communications. In the podcasting and video casting world, he is host of The BraudCast with Gerard Braud on YouTube.