Oct. 7 Webinar: Employees, Crises, and Social Media

Webinar: Employees, Crises, and Social Media

Most crisis communication plans miss a critical element: Employees. Ignored, they can innocently (or maliciously) make your existing problem even bigger. After all, their online friends most likely know where they work and if employees aren’t volunteering information, people in their social networks are soliciting it.

When engaged, employees can become powerful advocates and expand the reach of your messages. In an eye-opening webinar on October 7 (noon ET), I will offer solutions for keeping employees up to date, maintaining the highest possible levels of engagement as the organization endures its crisis. But that’s just the beginning. I will also introduce ways for employees to support the company in their own online communities.

If you work in employee communications, PR, corporate communication, HR, or crisis management, you won’t want to miss this highly informative hour-long session. You’ll take away ideas you can apply to your workplace immediately.