Friday Wrap #88: Brand journalism, crowdsourcing causes, branded stickers, apology watch, and more

Friday Wrap #88
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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The Friday Wrap is a weekly compendium of articles of interest to communicators that may h ave flown by under your radar. I collect stories from which I cull the items that will appear in the Wrap on my link blog,; I also draw on this curated collection for items I report on my podcast, The Hobson and Holtz Report. Feel free to follow the link blog to stay on top of all kinds of interesting news, reports and analysis.

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Journalists are tapping brand journalism as a source

Companies are increasingly adopting the concept of brand journalism—employing… Read More »

Friday Wrap #80: Sales from social, Instagram direct messages, controversy sweet spots, print lives

Friday Wrap #80

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I don’t usually start the Wrap with a commercial, but I want to let you know about an eight-week, interactive, online workshop I’m presenting with my friend and colleague, Thornley Fallis CEO Joseph Thornley. For the third year, we’re offering the course on strategic social media through IABC. Each week, you’ll work through a multimedia learning module created using a state-of-the-art online learning program. There are opportunities for discussion on a closed Facebook group with other workshop participants and Joe and me participating.  And each week we host a conference call to review key points and address… Read More »

Friday Wrap #76: social charitable giving, nurturing advocates, Facebook page ratings, and more

Friday Wrap #76

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I’m trying out a new format for the wrap that will make it a quicker read for you while allowing me to include more items that you might have missed over the course of the week. Let me know if you like it. I’ll elaborate on two or three stories at the top of the Wrap, then more briefly summarize others. If a subject got attention from multiple outlets (as hashtags did this week), I’ll wrap the Wrap with a quick summary of what they each had to say. In the meantime, all I continue to collect all the posts and articles over the course of the week are in my link blog,

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An… Read More »

Friday Wrap #75: Google+ hashtags, AP native ads, YouTube royalty-free music, mobile video’s growth

Kit Kat WrapperWith the Twitter IPO leading the pack, a flood of important and interesting stories and reports has surged across the digital and social space. Here are some you might have missed. You’re welcome to explore the collection of all the stories from which I choose those appearing here in the Wrap. I save them at my link blog at

It’s time to amp up your use of Google+ hashtags

Those who paid attention to Google’s Hummingbird update have been making significant adjustments to the SEO practices that support their social media marketing strategies. In a guest post for Duct Tape Marketing, Lauren Hogan points to a… Read More »

Friday Wrap #72: Changes from Google, Facebook, Twitter; mobile video surges, print lives, and more

Friday Wrap 72
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Changes to services at the big three—Google, Facebook and Twitter—lead this week’s review of news, announcements and research. I collect stories for the Wrap in my link blog at, which you’re welcome to follow.

Edelman launches Creative Newsroom to support clients in real time

Shrug off the real-time and native advertising phenomena all you like. The skeptics aren’t stopping the world’s largest PR agency from setting up a shop dedicated to “monitoring and responding to relevant social media conversations in real time,” according to Lindsay Stein, writing for PRWee. Creative Newsroom has… Read More »

Friday Wrap #69: Net non-users, trusted advertising, Instagram adoption, article Pins, and more

Friday (Bacon) Wrap

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I’m faced with another embarrassment of riches when it comes to stories, studies and reports published this week. As always, the Friday Wrap is made up of items that may have escaped your notice but are worthy of your attention. I collect the items I consider for the Wrap, the podcast, blog posts and other content at my link blog, (Am I the only person who still has a link blog?)

15% of American adults don’t use the Internet

Roughly one out of every seven American adults over 18 don’t use the Internet or email, according to The Pew Internet and American Life Project. Among them, 34% say… Read More »

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