The extent of the spam problem

I read a lot in various newsletters I get about the extent of the spam/virus problem, but nothing drives it home like a snapshot of your own email volume.

My spam provider just launched a new service, a monthly report in PDF format of the actions it has taken over the last 30 days with your email. (SpamSoap isn’t software installed on your own PC to filter out spam. Since I have my own mail server, I route all mail first through SpamSoap, which then forwards on all legit email to my server.)

For the month of October, SpamSoap sent 1% of the email addressed to the domain on to me. The rest was either quarantined (13%) or… Read More »

Utterz steps up its instant online communication game

imageI joined Utterz shortly after it launched. I liked the idea as soon as I heard it: a way to share a thought impulsively by recording it over the phone. The recording is saved to a profile where those who choose to follow you are notified that you have a new Utter. What you Utter can often become a conversation, just as text does on Twitter and video on Seesmic. As with Twitter, you can put a widget on your site that plays your latest Utter. As with YouTube, you can embed an Utter as part of a blog post.

Utterz, Seesmic, and Twitter represent a suite of tools for me. Most often, I’m at my computer and it’s easiest to send a tweet.… Read More »

The “Eight Things” meme

Mitch Joel tagged me with the “Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me” meme. I did this once before. At the end of 2006, a similar meme was making the rounds, this one limited to five tidbits, and I participated. Since my life is pretty much an open book, it’s not easy to think of eight additional things people probably don’t know about me—and even harder to think of eight that you might find even remotely interesting.

These would be more intriguing if there was an additional requirement, something along the lines of, “The eight things must be embarrassing.” You know, the kind of stuff people send anonymously to PostSecret. “I did time… Read More »

Appreciating Oscar Peterson

In my second year of college, I worked Wednesday nights, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., as the engineer for a radio show called “Jazz with Janis.” Janis was Janis Wisbaum, another journalism student, who served as deejay for the three-hour weekly program over the campus radio station, KCSN, which happened to be an NPR affiliate.

It was a lot of fun. We did pretty much what we wanted, aided in the knowledge that nobody was listening. After all, we never got a call despite routinely announcing our call-in number.

I was listening to Los Angeles’ main jazz station—back then it was KPFK—on my way to school one day. The live track on the air was… Read More »

I will not be at Podcamp Boston

One of the greatest frustrations associated with being a dedicated blogger occurs when you simply cannot blog. My “blog fodder” file is loaded with ideas and links I’d like to write about, but my exhausting travel schedule has precluded it. A look at my blog shows not much other than cross-postings from For Immediate Release. I haven’t had time to check, but my Technorati rankings must be tumbling.

And it’s not over yet. I’m on a plane back from an overnight trip to D.C., and in the morning (which will have come and gone before I get a chance to post this), I’m off to LA, then Kansas City, then Chicago. I get home Friday night, then… Read More »

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