Adobe Customer Service: an oxymoron

If I can’t use my blog to complain, what good is having a blog?

It’s entirely my fault that I lost my Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 CD. But when I called Adobe and paid my $20-plus for a replacement CD, I expected to be up and running in a couple days. But when the CD showed up, it was Acrobat Standard, which wasn’t what I had and I couldn’t use anyway. Replacement CDs from Adobe only work with your original serial number, and mine was a Professional serial number that would be rejected in an installation of Acrobat Standard.

So I called. I heard abject apologies. They weren’t going to charge me for the correct disk, which showed up… Read More »

Business execs find value in blogs

In his blog Micropersuasion, Steve Rubel reported yesterday on a Business Week Online piece that cited business executives who have come to recognize the value of blogs “for plugging not just their products but their points of view. It touches quite a bit on the media and PR.”

Journalists pitching bloggers?

An entry in Dan Gillmore’s eJournal points to a wonderful piece in the Online Journalism Review about the future of blogging, journalism and public relations.

Journalists, columnist Glaser suggests, are awakening to the role bloggers play and increasingly are accepting that role and even taking advantage of it. Some news outlets have come to recognize that a blogger linking to a story can drive as much traffic to that outlet’s Web site as that generated by more traditional means. This realization has led journalists to pitch bloggers in the hopes of driving more traffic to their stories. In some cases, journalists are even pitching PR… Read More »

Out of control

Traditional organizational communication is all about control. The organization has a message, a brand, an image. The communicator’s job is to ensure these assets are projected correctly into the marketplace in support of overarching business goals.

Here’s an example. Back when I was director of corporate communications for an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, I got a phone call one day from a reporter with one of the TV stations in Waco, Texas, where the company operated a manufacturing facility. “The sherrif has arrested a local man for selling contact lenses to school kids on street corners,” he told me. “We want to know if they’re… Read More »

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