Baseball with BryPer

Bryan Person is in town with an extra ticket to tomorrow’s Giants-Diamondbacks game. I’m meeting him by the statue of Willie Mays and will be rooting for San Francisco. Standings make for odd alliances. As a Dodger fan, I rarely cheer on the Giants, but SF is 12 games back but the Diamondbacks still have a half-game lead on LA. So, a San Francisco victory is good for the Dodgers.

It’ll be great to share a game, hot dogs, and beers with Bryan. I’m planning on bringing a recorder; we should have a good conversation (complete with ambient noise). After the game, there’s a geek dinner; I know Sallie Goetsch will be there. All in all, an… Read More »

Leaving London

The last three days in London have been terrific, an opportunity to meet a lot of the communicators I have known for some time now through blogs and podcasts. Niall Cook and Matt O’Neill are just two of the names to which I was able to put faces. Neville and I recorded FIR in the foyer in front of the room where the Communications conference on social media and employee engagement took place. We had dinner one night in a well-known pub, the Mayflower, and the next across the Thames at an excellent Chinese restaurant. All-in-all, an outstanding trip.

Below is a very brief video of Steve Crescenzo and Neville… Read More »

Off to Brazil

I have a stack of items I’ve been wanting to blog, but I ran out of time before I had to head to the airport for a trip to Brazil. I won’t have much time to enjoy any sightseeing. I arrive in Sao Paolo tomorrow (Wednesday) morning around 8 a.m., check into the hotel, then meet a journalist for an interview about blogging at 3:30. Then it’s off to dinner at the home of the president of ABERJE, the Brazilian communications association. I get up the next morning, present at ABERJE’s conference, then head back to the airport for a flight to Rio de Janiero. I go to the hotel in time to hit the sack, get up, do a half-day workshop for… Read More »

PRWeek opens its website

It’s been tough to blog about items appearing in PRWeek, since the content has been accessible only by password to paying subscribers. All that has changed, though, as the venerable industry trade has soft-launched its open site that will be announced officially on March 9.

According to the magazine’s PR rep, Kent Holland of Plesser Holland…

PR Week is un-gating the news to ensure that a wider community of business, marketing, nonprofit, and government leaders will learn about the impact of communications, and the key companies and agencies that are helping companies navigate the changing landscape.

The ungated content applies only… Read More »

SNCR needs your help

People who read this blog by and large care about social media. More to the point, they care about how effectively organizations use social media, how well they integrate it into their strategies, how well they understand its wholesale differences from tradtitional, managed, controlled messages. In order to enter the social media space with candor and authenticity, as a partner in the conversation, organizations need research, case studies, solid numbers. Armed with this kind of evidence and data, it becomes easier to make the case to senior leaders who have not engaged in the social media space and who, frankly, are confounded and… Read More »

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