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Posted on January 24, 2009 5:15 pm by | General

Shel Holtz

My online activities—from blogging to Twitter—have been very light for the last week. The image above should speak for itself. At left are Cindy and Steve Crescenzo, who are spending more than a week with Michele (at right) and me in Waikiki. At right is the sunset view from the patio lanai of our room. I get back Monday night and expect to return to a normal schedule. Until then, social networking is more about mai tais at the bar with our friends and other vacationers than digital messaging. It works great. Aloha!

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  • 1.Shel, Looks fantastic! Best wishes to you, Michele and the others... sounds like a great way to spend some time!


    Dan York | January 2009

  • 2.I'd rather be in Hawaii than tweeting--it was -12 degrees when we walked the dog this morning!


    Jen Zingsheim | January 2009

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