Solo No More

In mid-1996, after nearly 20 years in the corporate world, I left my job as a senior consultant and regional communications practice leader at a global human resources consulting firm and struck out on my own. My goal was to help organizations apply emerging technologies to their corporate communication efforts while continuing to develop employee communication strategies.

The last 21 years as an independent communications practitioner have been fantastic. As of Tuesday, it’s over. On Tuesday I started work as director of Internal Communications for Webcor Builders, a San Francisco-based commercial construction contractor and one of… Read More »

A four-step strategic communication planning process

During yesterday’s Twitter-based PR20chat on the seven deadly sins of PR 2.0, it seemed clear to me that a lot of the issues introduced would never occur if communicators employed a strategic planning process rather than just dive into Twitter, Facebook, blogs or whatever.

Even organic social networking can benefit from planning. Sure, you’re going to become a trusted member of communities and engage on an ongoing basis. Which communities you choose, though, can be more easily identified if you know what it is you want to accomplish on behalf of your company.

During my three-decades-plus in the communications business, I’ve seen a lot… Read More »

Team building by terror

During my Tenure at Allergan, the leadership of the Human Resources department spent a long weekend at a Ropes course. At this outdoorsy facility, the vice president of Benefits and Compensation and I sat on the ground back-to-back, locked elbows, and figured out how to stand up without separating and without falling over. Teams negotiated the crossing of a river without falling in. We each stood on a platform and toppled backwards, confident in the knowledge that the rest of the staff would catch us before we hit the ground.

All of this was designed to help us learn to work together as a team. There was lots of cheering and… Read More »

Offline social networking

Shel Holtz

My online activities—from blogging to Twitter—have been very light for the last week. The image above should speak for itself. At left are Cindy and Steve Crescenzo, who are spending more than a week with Michele (at right) and me in Waikiki. At right is the sunset view from the patio lanai of our room. I get back Monday night and expect to return to a normal schedule. Until then, social networking is more about mai tais at the bar with our friends and other vacationers than digital messaging. It works great. Aloha!

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