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Shel HoltzI’m headed to Boston this coming week for the SNCR Research Symposium and Awards Gala on Friday. There’s a SNCR reception Thursday evening, which I’ll leave a bit early so I can meet up with good friends from Boston—some of whom I’ll be meeting for the first time. We’re gathering at Vox Populi on Boyleston, not far from the Marlowe Hotel where the SNCR event is being held (2.6 miles, about an eight-minute cab ride, according to Google Maps). The event is set for 7 p.m. If you’re from Boston, or will be in town for SNCR (or anything else), I hope you’ll stop by. Here are the details:

7 p.m. on Thursday, November 13
Vox Populi
755 Boyleston
Map | Directions

If you know you’re going to make it, leave a comment so we can have something remotely resembling a headcount.

Boston is a hub of social media activity, so I can’t wait to see everyone. And special thanks to John Wall for setting this up.

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  • 1.Shel,

    VERY ironically, just when you are coming out to Boston near where I usually am, I'll be out in San Francisco all week near where you usually are.

    I'd love to get together with folks, but at about the time you all are gathering, I'll be heading out to SFO for my red-eye home.

    Have fun,

    Dan York | November 2008 | Keene, NH, USA

  • 2.Morning, Shel. I'm very excited about the Nov. 14 SNCR meeting. I will make a point of meeting you in person. I've spread the word to some Boston-based communicators particularly in nonprofit and higher ed arenas. Jen McClure, who has organized this is terrific and I feel lucky it's in Boston this year where I live. Please forward info about the meeting to whomever you know in the Boston are. I would say we're social media oriented thanks to Harvard's Berkman Center, but there is still so much to do and understand, test and measure results. Bev

    Bev Freeman | November 2008 | Boston

  • 3.Shel - I'll be there, thanks for coordinating and setting this up.

    Adam Cohen | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 4.I'm there as well and will hook up with Brogan, Choen, and Defren - perhaps we'll all hook up here. just in case - can always email or tweet i'll get it on my mobile.

    lots to talk about

    Albert Maruggi | November 2008 | St. Paul

  • 5.I'll be at SNCR, too (hey, we're presenting together) so I'd like to make this dinner. Will you let me know when you sneak out of the reception? Thanks!

    Mihaela V (@prprof_mv) | November 2008 | Clemson, South Carolina

  • 6.I'll be in Boston for SNCR as well, thanks to you and @themshow for getting the meetup planned.

    Zena Weist | November 2008

  • 7.I'll be at the conference - helping out behind the scenes as well - and I'm going to try to make it to the meetup Thursday at Vox. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Beth Dunn | November 2008 | Boston

  • 8.Shel - I don't think I can make the SNCR Gala, but will definitely try my best to make it to the reception on Thursday. Count me in, please... Will be good to see you again.

    Shwen Gwe | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 9.I'm not involved with SNCR but would love to meet you when you're in town.

    (BTW "Boylston" doesn't have an "e"...)

    Peter Kim | November 2008 | Boston

  • 10.I would love to make it but I'm stuck at work during those hours.

    Keven Dones | November 2008

  • 11.I will be there, of course! (and maybe at the SNCR event on Friday morning)

    Christian DE NEEF | November 2008 | Brussels

  • 12.I'll see everyone there! Looking forward to meeting you!

    Sandy Kalik | November 2008

  • 13.I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone coming to SNCR from out of town. Oh, and I guess it'll be nice to see the like of Cohen there. ;)

    Gradon Tripp | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 14.I should be able to sneak into the city for this. See you Thursday.

    Chip Griffin | November 2008

  • 15.I plan on being there Thursday evening. Working on Friday. Look forward to seeing you again!

    Doug Haslam | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 16.Shel: I'm giving a presentation at Emerson college at 7, so can't get over there in time. Sounds like a great meetup idea, though!

    Paul Gillin | November 2008

  • 17.Paul, I'll catch up with you on Friday. Just curious, though...whose class are you visiting at Emerson?

    Shel Holtz | November 2008

  • 18.If Jen McClure says it's OK to attend, then I'm there. When it comes to SNCR events, I bow to no Shel ;).

    See you tomorrow - been too long

    Adam Zand @NoOneYouKnow | November 2008 | Arlington, MA

  • 19.I'll be there!

    Nathan Burke | November 2008

  • 20.I'll be at VOX for the Tweetup. See you all there.

    Mike Volpe - HubSpot | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 21.I'm planning to attend. Thanks for organizing!

    Jack Vinson | November 2008 | Arlginton, MA

  • 22.Will try and stop by. Would love to meet you, Shel. (After all this time.)

  • 23.Am going to try and stop by. Would be great to meet you, Shel. (After all this time!)

    Ann Handley | November 2008 | Boston

  • 24.Shel, I've just moved to Boston and am planning to attend tonight. Will be good to see you again! Renee Callahan

    Renee Hopkins Callahan | November 2008 | Watertown, MA

  • 25.See you at Vox.

    David Evans | November 2008 | Boston, MA

  • 26.I'll see if I can stop by on the the way home from work. Didn't get too chat with too many of you at SMB10.

    Michael Durwin | November 2008 | Boston

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