Geek Dinner Cleveland on April 9

Posted on April 2, 2008 3:54 pm by | Geek Dinners

Update: The location is set: Flannery’s, at 323 E. Prospect. We have a couple extra seats at the table, so even if you didn’t RSVP, feel free to show up!

I’m getting into Cleveland, Ohio pretty early (flight delays aside) on April 9. (I’m leading a daylong workshop for the local IABC chapter.) I’ve been talking with Luke Armour for some time about getting together, and the discussion has progressed from two guys having a couple drinks into a full-fledged geek dinner. If you’re interested, let me know by leaving a comment. Based on how many people RSVP, we’ll pick Luke will pick an appropriate place and we’ll let you know (so be sure to include your email address in the comments—it won’t be published). We plan to eat around 6 p.m.

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  • 1.I didn't know Luke did actual geek dinners. I thought he only ran with the virtual-geek-dinner crowd. Ha!

    Bryan Person, | April 2008 | Boston

  • 2.Make no mistake, Bryan. I WILL be recording!

    Shel Holtz | April 2008 | Saskatoon, SK, Canada

  • 3.This would be my first "geek" dinner. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to meeting you both.

    Marie Kilbane Seckers
    Vice President, IABC Cleveland.

    Marie Kilbane Seckers | April 2008 | downtown Cleveland

  • 4.I think you might need my e-mail address for the dinner details:

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



    Marie Kilbane Seckers | April 2008 | downtown Cleveland

  • 5.It's a bit late to post here, but Luke has recruited me for the geek dinner. If I weren't so excited, I'd be offended. Wink.

    Looking forward to meeting with you, Shel.


    Kait | April 2008 | Hudson

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