Friday Wrap #84: Jelly breaks news, Facebook readies app and trending topics, GP lets employees post

The Definition of WrapIt was 20 years ago today…that the earth shook and my life changed. The Northridge Earthquake struck just after 4 a.m., while it was still dark. I lived in Granada Hills at the time, just a few miles from the epicenter. I was born in Hollywood and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I was no stranger to earthquakes, which for natives is more an occasion for wagering (“I have $5 that says it was 4.7”) than for terror. But this was different. It felt as though some giant had grasped my house and was shaking it as violently as it could. Every time I tried to get out of bed (my daughter was screaming), I was thrown back down. The damage was… Read More »

Friday Wrap #79: Native advertising, mobile video, sharing competencies, crisis responses, and more

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Lines drawn at FTC native advertising workshop

It wasn’t a hearing, just a workshop for the FTC to get more acquainted with the surging practice of native advertising (aka sponsored content). The the lines were drawn quickly and clearly, with representatives of the advertising industry… Read More »

Friday Wrap #76: social charitable giving, nurturing advocates, Facebook page ratings, and more

Friday Wrap #76

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I’m trying out a new format for the wrap that will make it a quicker read for you while allowing me to include more items that you might have missed over the course of the week. Let me know if you like it. I’ll elaborate on two or three stories at the top of the Wrap, then more briefly summarize others. If a subject got attention from multiple outlets (as hashtags did this week), I’ll wrap the Wrap with a quick summary of what they each had to say. In the meantime, all I continue to collect all the posts and articles over the course of the week are in my link blog,

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An… Read More »

Friday Wrap #39: Twitter limits, mobile heat, a tweet’s value, gamifying for collaboration, and more

Friday Wrap #39

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Friday seems to have arrived faster than usual this week. The laws of physics say that’s not possible. I say, Where did the week go? Not that there was any shortage of news you may have missed. Here’s this week’s rundown, drawn from items I have saved to my link blog,

Best laid plans: Twitter limits derail Coke’s Super Bowl plans

If there’s a case to be made for maintaining your own owned platforms in addition to using social channels owned by third parties in your marketing efforts, it’s Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl experience. Despite establishing a social media “war room” to execute plans for… Read More »

Friday Wrap #29: Google+ communities, gender differences on Pinterest, PR and “pageview journalism”

Friday Wrap #29I’ve accumulated a treasure trove of interesting items over the seven days. This week’s Wrap includes some of the juiciest. You can see all the items I’ve bookmarked on my link blog at

Here come the predictions

Ah, the holidays. A crispness in the air, Christmas tree lots, holiday music in malls and—the latest tradition—mountains of predictions for digital and social media for the upcoming year. Over on GigaOm, several staff members have offered their thoughts on what 2013 will hold for digital media. Laura Owen, for example, thinks a well-known author will turn down a seven-figure deal in favor of… Read More »

Friday Wrap #27: Multimedia news releases, fake news releases, gamification failures, info overload

Friday WrapI’m knocking out this week’s Wrap from a hotel room in Cary, North Carolina. Feel free to check out Links from Shel, the link blog where I save all the various posts and articles from which I choose the items to appear in the Wrap (as well as those I’ll talk about on For Immediate Release.

The Social Media News Release lives; we just don’t call it that any more

A controversy swirled around the idea of the Social Media News Release (SMNR), which was derided as little more than lipstick on a pig. Some argued that the whole idea of the press release had run its course in the era of social media. A few years later, nobody talks about the… Read More »

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