FIR Podcast #133: Narcissism, Consumerism, and Activism

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For Immediate Release

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This week’s conversations feature PR analytics thought leader Christopher S. Penn on the growing risks posed by “deepfakes,” videos convincingly altered with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and customer service expert Frank Eliason on why Facebook users just aren’t abandoning the social network in droves in the wake of its Cambridge Analytica scandal. Also in this episode:

  • The Arthur W. Page Society is updating its mission and purpose (and launching a podcast)
  • An Augmented Reality app (on hold for now due to trademark issues) presents the activist’s view of SeaWorld in Orlando while visitors are touring the park
  • Millennials are officially the largest generation in the American workforce, but you’d better get to know the post-millennial generation sooner rather than later
  • Amazon’s Echo delivered a conspiracy theory in response to a question
  • The Florida Justice Association has introduced a flash news briefing for the Echo
  • What would Americans give up for a 10% raise?

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

You can find the stories from which FIR content is selected at Shel’s Link Blog.

About our guests

Frank EliasonFrank Eliason is a renowned customer experience leader who introduces disruptive and transformative strategies to revolutionize businesses. Working for Comcast, he was recognized by BusinessWeek as “the most famous customer service manager in the U.S., possibly in the world.” At Citi he was recognized as one of the most innovative people in banking, not once, but twice by Bank Technology News. He drives the right behaviors at all levels by bringing focus to the customer and their story. Besides working for Comcast, Citi and Vanguard Investments, he has advised many Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining the team at Brain+Trust, he led U.S. digital for Zeno Group, a Daniel J. Edelman company. He is the author of “@YourService” (Wiley, 2012).

Christopher S. PennChristopher S. Penn is an authority on digital marketing and marketing technology. A recognized thought leader, author, and speaker, he has shaped three key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, and email marketing. Known for his high-octane, here’s how to get it done approach, Penn recently co-founded Brain+Trust Insights, with a mission to light up data and help businesses make better decisions faster. He is a founding member of IBM’s Watson Analytics Predictioneers, co-founder of the groundbreaking PodCamp Conference, and co-host of the “Marketing Over Coffee” marketing podcast. Christopher is a Google Analytics Certified Professional and a Google AdWords Certified Professional. He is the author of over two dozen marketing books including bestsellers such as Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, Marketing Red Belt: Connecting With Your Creative Mind, and Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero. He was most recently vide president of Marketing Technology for SHIFT Communications. Christopher is on Twitter at @cspenn.

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