FIR Podcast #124: Founders as Spokespersons

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Company founders are turning up more and more as spokepersons in advertising and marketing. (Have you heard the founder of Third Love or the co-founders of Bombas pitching their products on the radio instead of a paid spokesperson?) On this week’s FIR, hear conversations about this trend with Scott Monty and Gerard Corbett. Also on this week’s episode:

  • Facebook tests a downvote option
  • Publishers dropped from Facebook’s News Feed are turning to LinkedIn
  • Dodge faces backlash for invoking Dr. Martin Luther King in a Super Bowl ad
  • Smart speakers are gaining the public’s trust by making mundane tasks easier
  • Robots and avatars are starting to replace real people
  • Snapchat-like Stories are showing up everywhere
  • Three new studies advocate for companies taking stands on social and political issues

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

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About today’s guests

Gerard CorbettGerard Corbett is Chair and CEO of strategic communications consulting firm Redphlag LLC., Founder and Partner of Wise Counsel, and CMO of real estate tech startup Producers Forum, Inc. in Palo Alto. He also is an award-winning career coach, blogger and Past Chair & CEO of the 32,000 member Public Relations Society of America, having served as Chair and CEO in 2012. Gerry is a versatile branding, marketing, public relations and communications executive and coach having served four decades in senior marketing and communications roles at Global Fortune 100 firms and earlier in his career in aerospace engineering and information technology with Silicon Valley firms and NASA.

Scott MontyScott Monty is an internationally recognized leader in digital communications, digital transformation, social media and marketing. As partner in Brain+Trust Partners, he counsels brands and agencies on strategy, executive communications, influencer management, the customer experience, and digital initiatives. Scott spent six years at Ford Motor Company, as a strategic advisor on crisis communications, influencer relations, digital customer service, innovative product launches and more. He is a board member of the American Marketing Association and an advisor for RPM VenturesMy Dealer Service, and Crowd Companies. He writes about the changing landscape of business, technology, communications, marketing, and leadership at and is the executive editor and co-host of the Sherlock Holmes website and podcast I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

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