FIR Episode #121: The CEO Makes How Much?

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This week’s conversations featured Jen Phillips on CVS’s decision to eliminate airbrushing from ads for beauty products it carries and Augie Ray on Visa’s new sonic brand, a two-note sound you’ll hear when completing financial transactions using your Visa card. Also in this episode…

  • Internal communicators need to start explaining why their CEOs are paid so much
  • Facebook video views have plummeted in the wake of its News Feed algorithm change
  • The biggest investment company in the world has a message for business leaders: Contribute to society or look elsewhere for funding
  • Airbnb is promoting its properties in countries President Trump characterized as “shithole countries”
  • Augmented Reality hasn’t made much of a splash yet, except where it’s built into existing apps
  • A podcast network is suing Twitter over trademark infringement
  • Artificial Intelligence has outperformed humans when it comes to reading comprehension

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About today’s guests

Jen PhillipsJennifer Zingsheim Phillips is the director of marketing communications at CARMA. She previously ran 4L Strategies, consulting and providing content development for a variety of industries. She has worked in communications and public affairs for 20 years. Her background includes work in electoral politics, government, lobbying, and public affairs PR work.

Augie RayAugie Ray is a Research Director covering customer experience for marketing leaders at Gartner. He has had a diverse career, including leading a digital experiential agency, directing social business at USAA and managing a global customer experience team at American Express. In his present role, Augie researches and advises clients on topics such as Voice of Customer, customer journey mapping, customer experience strategy and virtual reality.

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