FIR #22: Lawyers vs. humanity in Indianapolis

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For Immediate Release 

Today’s panel includes Pure Performance Communications CEO Deirdre Breakenridge, Francine Hardaway of startup advisory firm Stealthmode Partners, and SeeDepth, Inc. CEO Christine Perkett. Today’s topics include…

  • Carrier Corp.‘s ill-advised layoff announcement and its repercussions
  • The blowback on a Meltwater white paper advising PR professionals to adopt Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVEs) as a key performance metric
  • How and why social media will affect the 2016 presidential election (and what the unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says about social media)
  • The challenges of startups generating a lot of buzz only to suffer performance issues, with a look at two current case studies: Zenefits and Theranos
  • Dan York’s tech report looks at the aftermath of the New Hampshire primaries, fallout from a two-year-old earnings report at Soundcloud, and what Twitter’s future might have been
  • Whether established thought leaders have an obligation to speak out every time an issue arises in their sphere of influence
  • How Chipotle—and its competitors—used social media during the company’s four-hour closure for a staff safety meeting
  • Should influencers be paid?

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @dbreakridge, @hardaway, and @MissusP.

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Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About this week’s panel

The Panel for FIR #22

Deirdre Breakenridge has been in PR and marketing for more than 25 years helping senior executives in mid-to-large organizations communicate to their stakeholders. She’s currently CEO of Pure Performance Communications, which she started in 2011. Pure Performance specializes in integrated marketing strategy, training, and workshops. Before that, she was president of Mangol Marketing, and was an adjunct professor at NYU. She co-authored Putting the Public Back in Public Relations with Brian Solis – and appeared with Brian in an FIR interview about the book back in 2009. She also wrote Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional.

Francine Hardaway  PhD is the co-founder of Stealthmode Partners, an accelerator for early stage entrepreneurs. A three-time entrepreneur herself, she has been a PR professional since 1980. Her last PR company, Hardaway Marketing Services, was acquired by Intel in 1996, and after a year inside Intel, she emerged to advise, coach, and fund startups in the internet space in partnership with Ed Nusbaum. Dr. Hardaway has written for Huffington Post, Fast Company and Medium, and is a contributing writer to the Phoenix Business Journal, where she has won two journalism awards for best column. She has also taught “Business and Future of Journalism” and “Digital Media Entrepreneurship” classes as ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism.

Christine Perkett founded PerkettPR in 1998 and SeeDepth, a PR analytics platform, in 2013. She has been named one of the ‘Top 25 Authorities Moving PR Forward’ in a recent industry study, and is routinely recognized as one of the most social media-savvy CEOs – currently ranked as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter (by Hubspot), a “Top Influential Woman in Tech on Twitter” (by Google’s Don Dodge, alongside such greats as Marissa Mayer, WSJ’s Kara Swisher, Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington, and others), and featured two consecutive years in BusinessWeek’s Social Media Special Report (keeping company of notable CEOs from Zappos, Virgin, Digg, HDNet, Mint and more). Christine was also awarded “Best Communications, IR or PR Executive” by the American Business Awards.

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