FIR #178: Throwing Communicators Under the Bus

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For Immediate Release

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4L Strategies Partner Jen Phillips joins FIR host Shel Holtz to discuss the expanding definition of “journalist” and what it means for communicators. Also in the episode:

  • Microsoft workers protest plans to weaponize the HoloLens; CEO Satya Nadella fights back
  • Delta Airlines’ CEO throws communicators under the bus in a New York Times interview
  • Facebook lets you share Events in Stories
  • TikTok reaches 1 billion downloads, pays record fine to the FTC
  • Nike launches year-long series on IGTV
  • The Momo Challenge would be worrisome if it were real
  • Pandora launches Stories, mixing podcasting with playlists
  • Reese’s pranks its own fans on Twitter while a barbecue chain crosses the line
  • Cedars Sinai is putting Amazon Echoes in 100 patient rooms
  • Consumers find voice ads more engaging than any other kind
  • Retailers are using employee communication platforms to improve customer service
  • Dan York explains why communicators should care about an Internet Society report about the trends of consolidation and centralization in the Internet, LinkedIn’s live streaming test, and nominations for the Internet Hall of Fame.
  • Dan also wants you to know that a data breach has hit ShareThis, a service used by many communicators

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

You can find the stories from which FIR content is selected at Shel’s Link Blog.

About Jen Phillips

Jen Zingsheim PhillipsJennifer Zingsheim Phillips is partner at 4L Strategies, where she consults and provides content development for a variety of industries. Before returning to 4L, she was director of marketing communications at CARMA. She has worked in communications and public affairs for 20 years, including a stint as a senior account executive at Fleishman Hillard. Her background includes work in electoral politics, government, lobbying, and public affairs PR work,

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