FIR #162: A Paucity of Social CEOs

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All Things IC’s Rachel Miller shares her perspectives on a damning Wall Street Journal report that contradicts years of glowing reviews for Netflix’s corporate culture. Also in this week’s episode:

  • Can marketing maintain human connections while scaling up in social media?
  • Mark Zuckerberg told analysts sharing is shifting away from the Facebook news feed to messaging apps and Stories
  • A year after doubling its character count, Twitter finds tweets are getting shorter
  • Fewer and fewer CEOs are maintaining a social media presence
  • is looking to nonprofits to innovate ideas for using AI for social good
  • You can now share your IGTV videos to Instagram Stories
  • American men are ignorant of women’s workplace struggles
  • 20,000 Google employees walked out over gender inequality
  • Dan York reports on WordPress’s 5.0 beta, the Gutenberg editor and accessibility, a new “Activity” feature in Jetpack, and Flickr’s impending deletion of all but your 1,000 most recent photos.

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

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About Rachel Miller

Rachel MillerRachel Miller, founder of All Things IC, began her career as a journalist in 1999 and also worked in-house for a decade. She’s a regular keynote speaker and awards judge and has contributed to a number of best-selling books. She specializes in helping internal communicators succeed. As an experienced communicator, Rachel is a Fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication and Chartered Institute of Public Relations; she’s also a Chartered PR Practitioner. Her in-house career included roles at London Overground, Novartis, Visa, Tube Lines, and Visteon. She also worked agency side for Sky, GSK and L’Oréal. CIPR named Rachel Outstanding Independent Practitioner in 2017 and she received the inaugural Best Individual Contribution to Internal Communication award.

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