Recruiters shouldn’t care about that Facebook picture of your beer pong game in college

drunk girlIt’s becoming a litany.

In a meeting or during a presentation, somebody—usually an HR rep or recruiter—will tell me how many candidates she has rejected based on something she saw on the candidate’s Facebook or MySpace profile. In every case, it has been something along the lines of a photo taken during a party at college. My response: “If your employer knew what you did during college, would you have been hired?”

College is for two things: Getting an education and being stupid. The only difference between college when I went and college today is that there was no Facebook, or anything remotely like it, during my days at university.

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The irony of investing in social marketing while blocking your own employees

Cross-posted from Stop Blocking.

Social media as a marketing mechanism is clearly hot. I can’t scan my feeds without finding yet another report of yet another study detailing companies’ increased commitment to and investment in social media. Here are just a few:

More meaningless data on social media and employee productivity

A Nucleus Research study mangles numbers to prove that Facebook causes productivity losses while another shows employers are buying this nonsense.



And, lest we forget…

Can an ad succeed even if it doesn’t generate sales?

Twitter’s 140-character limit makes it hard to have a thoughtful discussion. Brevity is great, but not for everything.

I was having one of these discussions with Rob Frankel—@brandingexpert—about whether Burger King got any value out of its “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign. This wasn’t a disagreement, just an interesting conversation. Conducting the exchange over Twitter lacked something, though. Hence, this post.

The conversation-starter was Dave Fleet‘s live tweet from something called FacebookCamp, held February 24 in Toronto. Dave reported on a speaker who asserted that pushing the campaign’s message through mainstream media was more… Read More »

Why MotrinMoms matters

Since the whirlwind of activity that resulted in McNeil Laboratories pulling a Motrin ad campaign and issuing an apology, a chorus of naysaying has emerged that downplays the significance of the events. Some of these opinions make good points while others are just downright silly. Ultimately, though, what occurred between the brand and the mommy bloggers who launched the offensive against it is significant.

Shel Holtz

The arguments against it fall into four camps:

The mommy bloggers who were offended were dopes who are unable to laugh at themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get why some people were offended. Other people probably don’t… Read More »

Dell launches Digital Nomads, including a post by yours truly

imageDell is out with a new blog they created just for me.

No, not really, but given the six months I spend on the road each year, adding Digital Nomads to my feeds was a no-brainer. There’s more to Digital Nomads than a blog, however; Dell is aiming to create a community of hardcore travelers who have embraced digital technology as an integral part of their travel toolkits. There are groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Twitter and YouTube.

A while back, Dell’s Richard Binhammer (known far and wide as RichardatDELL) asked if I could write something for Dell’s Your Blog about my use of technology on the road. It took a while, but… Read More »

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