Deathwatch: Why Facebook won’t kill your website

Not that long ago, a chorus of voices rose in opposition to advertising campaigns that drove consumers directly to a Facebook page at the expense of the company’s website. They raised all kinds of alarms over this approach, from lack of control (what happens if Facebook shuts down?) to SEO issues (why would you want to share the link love with Facebook?).

Now Jay Baer insists Facebook is killing your website. On his thought-provoking Convince & Convert blog, Baer, writes:

Like print newspapers, basketball players under 6 feet tall, and the McRib sandwich, the website as we know it will soon be a thing of the past ??? a quaint reminder…

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FIR Live set for August 14 on Facebook-focused campaigns

FIR Live is back!

Is it wise for companies to direct consumers to their Facebook pages instead of their websites? That’s the subject our panel will discuss on Saturday, August 14, at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. London.

The panel will include…

Is it a mistake to drive traffic to Facebook? Answering the critics

Shel HoltzUni-Ball’s launch of a Facebook-centered pen giveaway campaign during the Summer

Winter Olympics spurred a number of bloggers to question the wisdom of eschewing a company’s home page in favor of Facebook or other social sites. The Uni-Ball campaign was supported by advertising that directed consumers to the Facebook page with no reference to the company’s own website. The giveaway itself was conducted through the Facebook site.

On Monday, Tuesday, I spoke with Jennifer Cohen, co-founder and president of Something Creative LLC, which handles Uni-Ball’s social media activities. If this is a topic that interests you, you should make a… Read More »

Six questions to ask before launching a Facebook fan page

facebook logoIn yesterday’s post, I took issue with critics of a marketing campaign that directed those who saw the ads to the company’s Facebook page. If the company knew what they were doing—that is, they were being strategic—and the campaign achieved its goals, then it was a smart move.

One of the comments to the post, from Ed Lee, pointed to the Nestle dustup of the last several days (which Neville Hobson and I addressed in some detail on yesterday’s FIR. Between the two situations, I’ve been musing over the questions companies should ask themselves before launching a Facebook fan page.

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Uniball Facebook campaign criticism focuses on tactic without knowing strategy or results

While criticism of Uniball’s Facebook-focused campaign has attracted nearly universal agreement, somebody needs to play devil’s advocate.

The campaign to give away 10,000 pens, which ran during the Winter Olympics, featured promotions that displayed a link to the Uniball Facebook fan page. The perceived failure to link to the the company’s own website instead of its Facebook page led to vilification from several fronts, including Marketing Pilgrim, Edelman Digital’s Steve Rubel and, most recently, eConsultancy’s Patricio Robles.

The arguments against Uniball’s approach are focused on the decision to direct consumers from… Read More »

Can’t friend requests be a little more sociable?

friend requestsI currently have 105 pending friend requests on Facebook and a similar number awaiting action on LinkedIn. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with these, since I have no idea who any of them are.

I’ve decided, reluctantly, to simply delete them all.

I’m happy to connect with people whose names I don’t instantly recognize as long as I know what the link is. Of course, I can follow the link to each individual’s profile and see if I can tease the connection out of the information they’ve offered. On Facebook, I can see the friends we have in common to see if I can figure out the connection from there.

But I don’t want to.

The… Read More »

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