One internal use for wikis

I spent some time on the phone this morning with a plant manager, part of an intranet project I’m working on. We were discussing possible uses for an intranet at the several factories he manages. He was enthusiastic about the potential for kiosks on the shop floor as a means for factory workers to look up processes.

That got me thinking. Of course, how-to’s for the factory floor are standard content on many intranets, notably in the automotive world. But who creates these documents? It’s not likely that the blue-collar workers on the factory floor are the authors. Probably it’s some technical writers who’s never actually done the work… Read More »

PR non-existent at United

About 50 minutes ago, the local CBS radio affiliate reported in its business update that the flight attendant’s union was the latest to call for a change of management at United Airlines. The lost confidence arises from the company’s decision to forego payments into the company’s pension fund and increasing calls for wage cuts.

A statement from the leader of the Association of Flight Attendants, Greg Davidowitch, said, ““United Airlines senior management has attacked our wages, benefits and work rules; they’ve attacked our retirees; and now they’ve attacked our pensions. Yet, they have failed to accomplish what employees have been… Read More »

Pandering to fan sites

PaidContent reports that the Miami Dolphins hosted the publishers of 14 fan Web sites for a weekend the club hopes will become an annual event. A report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that “Dolphins executives, some of whom scan the sites, say they wanted to meet a growing group that reaches thousands of fans. Consider it something akin to political conventions awarding media credentials to people who run Internet Weblogs.”

The story also quoted Webmaster Curt Fennell, who said, ““I think they’re realizing we do influence a lot of fans, and it’s to their benefit and our benefit if they establish a good… Read More »

Nonprofits tap into blogs

Trevor Cook’s Corporate Engagement blog points to an article in the The Chronicle of Corporate Philanthropy about the use of blogs to heighten awareness of the non-profit’s mission. The article spotlights environmental nonprofit Earth Share, based in Washington State, which has had trouble getting anybody to visit its Web site. Last year, the group began publishing a blog and saw traffic to its Web site quadruple.

“The blogs were the pieces that people were visiting,” according to Dave Manelski, the group’s program coordinator. “That was our idea, to get more people to the Web site. Give them more information and they will become more… Read More »

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