There are no secrets

Following Vincent Ferarrii’s release of the now infamous recording of his attempt to cancel his AOL account, PRWeek reported that AOL had taken action to address the issue. According to AOL’s Corporate Communications VP, Nicholas Graham, the PR team and corporate executives sent a pair of emails and a talking points memo to employees “reinforcing its dedication for them to comport themselves with the highest ethical standards and respect for customer???s wishes.”

That claim—that the company wants its customer service reps to respect a customer’s wish to cancel—seems a bit disingenuous in light of the “AOL Retention Manual” that was… Read More »

Joining the campaign against astroturfing

imageAn email from Trevor Cook alerted me to a campaign Trevor and Paull Young are undertaking to fight the scourge of astroturfing. Young has created a campaign home page on The New PR wiki, and he and Erin Caldwell have developed the logo you see here, and in the affiliations section of this blog’s left-hand column.

I’m more than happy to support this cause. Astroturfing is one of those behaviors employed by the bottom-feeders of the industry that paint the rest of us with their brush. When exposed (as it more and more frequently is), it only serves to damage the reputation of the company associated with the campaign. While a read of the… Read More »

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