What’s a comic book geek to do?

“Print is dead!” shout the digital fanboys. “All tangible media will be gone by 2012,” proclaims Steve Rubel. If you listen carefully, you can hear the anguished screams of comic book geeks.

Well, not really.

Comic books—and especially graphic novels—are one form of print media that hasn’t made the transition to the Web. You can’t put an unread comic in a plastic sleeve marked as “mint.” You can’t smell the ink when you crack open a new issue, or gaze lovingly at the art and the inking that just wouldn’t look the same on a monitor. (I’m not into comics, by the way, but my wife has one hell of a collection.)

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Death Watch Case File #1: Tangible Media

In a post on November 17, I created the Death Watch list, a rundown of various media whose death has been widely predicted. This is the first in a series of posts that takes a deeper dive into these.

Shel HoltzA utopian vision has emerged in which every expression of human endeavor once conveyed via physical media is transformed into digital media. Micro Persuasion blogger Steve Rubel, a vice president at Edelman, has bet that “by January 2014…in the US almost all forms of tangible media will either be in sharp decline or completely extinct.” Steve lists print—books, magazines and newspapers—but also DVDs, boxed software, and video games.

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