July 27 Webinar: Data Journalism for Communicators

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Data Journalism for Communicators (Webinar)

Publishers have awakened to data journalism in a big way. Once a niche form of reporting that occupied a small corner of the newsroom, telling stories with numbers—both narratively and visually—has become a media staple.

For business, data journalism represents some threats but massive untapped opportunity. The threats come from not being aware of what publicly-available data may reveal about your company or client. For example, a watchdog organization in California used public records from the department of health to discover and report on a large hospital chain getting higher Medicare reimbursements than they were entitled to by reporting worse medical conditions than patients actually had.

Knowing what public data might reveal about your company or client—data journalists are now studying in search of stories—can help you prepare for a crisis (and, even better, serve as a catalyst for getting the organization’s act together internally).

Getting your head wrapped around data journalism is most vital, though, for the opportunities it presents. Yet, while journalism schools are starting to add data journalism classes to their curriculums, and resources are cropping up to help journalists report data, few in the PR and organizational communications field are talking about it at all.

That’s nuts!

I have been studying data journalism intensely for the past several months and will share what I have learned that communicators can put into practice in a one-hour webinar set for noon EDT on Thursday, July 27. Webinar participants will learn…

  • What data journalism is and how big it has become
  • How reporters are looking for and using data
  • How to find and pitch data stories to get great earned media
  • Why telling stories with numbers can enhance your content marketing strategy
  • The many uses to which data journalism can be applied for employee communications
  • How data visualizations can attract attention to information that would otherwise be painfully dull

One webinar registration will cover everyone in your department or on your team. The registration also gets you access to the webinar replay to watch as many times as you (and other members of your team) like. And, registered participants will get a one-page “cheat sheet” with key information and resources.

Register here.



  • 1.Looking forward to learing more.

    Chris Martin | July 2017 | Chicago

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