Dear Eat24: Reach isn’t the only reason for a brand to have a Facebook presence

I’m an Eat24 customer. The restaurant delivery service offers a lot of local businesses here in Concord, so whenever we don’t feel like cooking or going out, I just fire up the Eat24 app on either my phone or tablet. We decide what kind of food we want (we’re partial to a local Chinese joint), check off the items for delivery, pay with the card on file, and 45 minutes later we’re chowing down.

The company is pretty responsive, too. Once, we ordered from a restaurant that was closed even though the app said it was open. We got an email within a couple minutes notifying us that they had canceled the order. But what if I had a problem the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #89: LinkedIn blogging, sharing isn’t reading, unprepared for online complaints, & more

Friday Wrap #89The Friday Wrap is a collection of items from the last week that could be useful for communications professionals but that may have slipped by unnoticed (particularly in the wake of big news stories like Facebook’s blockbuster acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp). I collect all the items I might possibly use in the Wrap on my link blog at, which is also the source I use for selecting items to cover on my podcast, For Immediate Release; you’re welcome to tap into this larger collection of stories and posts.

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Anyone can now blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Influencer Program—which serves as… Read More »

Your employees can’t find the information they need to serve customers

Customer Support

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The research I conducted for a big consumer packaged goods company a couple years ago as part of the development of an all-employee social media training project produced some revealing data. A sizable majority of employees said they had been contacted via social media by a friend, family member or acquaintance with a question about the company. (Many employees list their employer in their profile, after all.) Nervous about crafting an original response, they preferred to share a link with the authoritative company position on the issue, but more often than not, they couldn’t find it.

This was especially true for… Read More »

Is creating a video for just one customer a sound content strategy?

The notion of “content shock” is that consumers have a finite number of minutes they can dedicate to consuming content, and as the odds of your content being found and read or viewed diminish, the cost of producing that content becomes untenable.

I don’t buy the idea of content shock for a lot of reasons, many of which I articulated here. One of the points I make in this post is that few content marketers are trying to get everybody to read their posts. We target niches, where people who have an interest in our content will be more likely to find it.

In arguing that content shock is inevitable, one commenter to a Content Marketing… Read More »

Friday Wrap #83: Facebook rules, vanishing office messages, frigid real-time marketing, and more

Friday Wrap #82

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The holiday break is over and we’re all getting back into the swing of work. The first few days of 2014 have seen no shortage of news and reports of interest to communicators, and the first Wrap of the new year features some gems. As always, you can keep up with all the stories I collect on my link blog at

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Adult adoption of social media continues to grow

More and more adults continue to adopt social media, with Facebook maintaining its status as the top platform even as an increasing number of adults tap into more than one social network per day. According to new data from… Read More »

Friday Wrap #81: Execs get social, Vanity Fair gets native, the Web gets visual, YouTube goes live

Friday Wrap #81You would think the holiday season would mean a slowdown in news, research and reports, but the last week has seen plenty of useful and usable content cross my feeds. Here are some of the stories I found most interesting, even though they didn’t bubble to the top of the trend lists. If you’d like to follow every story I peg for possible inclusion in the Friday Wrap, visit my link blog at

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Executives are finally figuring out social media

The last several years have produced a number of studies and reports showing that the C-suite thinks social media is someone else’s job. Notably, a study from… Read More »

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