FIR, crayon, and coffee

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Neville and I had our crayon shirts on this morning as we joined the first “coffee with crayon,” which will take place in the crayonville offices in Second Life every Thursday.

I counted about 20 or so participants talking about transparency, ethics, and disclosure, along with some general fun and socializing. It was 6 a.m. for me, but I had a cup of real coffee as my avatar sipped the virtual stuff. Join us next week.

Shel Holtz

Thanks for the snapshot, C.C.!

Update: C.C. tell me there were 40 people there. C.C. has also posted a PDF of the chat history on the crayonville blog.

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  • 1.According to SL we hit a peak of 40 people.

    A little tip to everyone is that if your ever curious just go into the Map view (ctrl-M) and then mouse over the island and it'll tell you how many avatars are there.

    C.C. Chapan | January 2007 | Crayonville

  • 2.Yup, 40 sounds closer to it-- and my head nearly exploded from trying to follow the crosstalk. Some of this format will take getting used to, but it was a great first session. Good group there, and hopefully there will be some different people every week. Thanks for hosting this, crayonistas!

    Doug Haslam | January 2007 | Woburn, MA

  • 3.Having participated in IRC chats in the Net's earlier days, this seemed pretty normal to me.

    Shel Holtz | January 2007 | Concord, CA

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