crayon and me: a fork in the road

Posted on June 18, 2007 5:36 am by | crayon

On the crayon blog today, Joe Jaffehas announced that Neville Hobson and I are moving onto a different but parallel path from crayon’s, the new marketing company Joe introduced last October.

This may sound like a dramatic split, but it’s not. Essentially, I’m moving away from my full-time role but will continue to work with Joe and crayon on those assignments where our skills and experience are complementary and beneficial to the client. crayon needed more staff who would perform day-to-day, hands-on work, while I needed to be able to pursue the kinds of opportunities that keep arising but are not necessarily compatible with crayon’s direction. At the same time, there already are assignments on which we continue working together under our new arrangement, and I will continue contributing from time to time to the crayon blog and podcast. (As Joe says, once a crayonista, always a crayonista.)

It has been a thrill working with Joe and the rest of the crayon team on a daily basis, and I’m looking forward to maintaining that relationship in a different configuration that allows us each to invest our time in the activities to which we’re best suited.

UPDATE: Neville has posted his own observations here.

06/17/07 | 2 Comments | crayon and me: a fork in the road



  • 1.The best (of both worlds) is yet to come...

    Joseph Jaffe | June 2007 | Westport, CT

  • 2.It's been fun and will continue to be I'm sure. I have no doubts about that!

    C.C. Chapman | June 2007 | Boston

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