FIR Interview: Common Craft Chief Explainer Lee LeFever

The Art of ExplanationLee LeFever, founder of explainer video company Common Craft, is out with a new book, “The Art of Explanation.” Far too few explanations are included in most communication and marketing efforts; the focus is on selling instead of explaining the whats and whys people may be wondering about. Common Craft’s well-known “In Plain English” videos set a standard for how a clear, easy-to-understand explanation can add value to a communication effort.

In this FIR interview, co-host Shel Holtz chats with LeFever about the book, Common Craft and explanations in general.

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Subject matter experts will play a big part in the future of brand journalism

NewspapermanTraditionally, journalists work to become experts on the subjects they cover. Political reporters don’t start as legislators or government employees, for example. They start as journalists and learn to cover the political beat. General assignment reporters become instant experts on every topic they cover, learning enough to report accurately so that lay readers will understand. Learning how to learn in this way was, for me, one of the most valuable benefits of getting a degree in journalism.

A lot of reporters who were trained to practice journalism for a living have moved into brand journalism. As companies’ ability to tell their… Read More »

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