Introducing News to the website

I’ve introduced a new section to the website. News is a place to get caught up on the latest in a variety of communications-related subjects.

I decided to set up the News tab after reading a guest post on ProBlogger by Brian Lippey, who runs Guitar Shop TV, a community for guitar lovers. Lippey writes that he wanted to add a social news platform “that could deliver top guitar content from across the Web directly to our blog and allow users to participate on a social level.” That research, he said, led him to ROCKZi.

For now, using ROCKZi to deliver news is an experiment, but so far I like what I see. Like the Storify stories… Read More »

Friday Wrap #32: Google changes, a digital diagnostic framework, Facebook’s Android Pages app & more

Friday Wrap #32

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Here’s the wrap-up of great posts and momentous events from the first week of 2013. If you’re interested in the complete listing of all the content I collected over the past seven days, visit my link blog at

Websites can opt out of Google content scraping

The reporting of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into Google centers on Google’s big win. The search giant escaped severe anti-trust findings and penalties . Lost in the coverage is the fact that Google did have to make some promises to the FTC over issues the Commission raised. For instance, the FTC explored assertions… Read More »

Content marketing, ghost blogging and authenticity: You can have it all

Ghost Blogging
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Content marketing holds a world of promise for organizations seeking to be visible in a fragmented-yet-crowded media landscape. It also is full of potholes that can rattle your organization’s reputation and landmines that can blow it up entirely.

The need to become a media company, to produce an ongoing stream of quality content despite limited resources, can lead marketers and communicators to make some very bad decisions. One of them is embracing the idea of ghost blogging. On a recent podcast episode, a ProBlog Service writer explained the company this way:

We are primarily content marketers. We’re ghost…

Read More »

In the era of pageview journalism, the pitch doesn’t end when the story is published

Pageview Journalism

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Earning coverage in the mainstream press is harder than ever for two reasons.

First is the reduced opportunity for coverage. By 2010, newsrooms had 30% less staff than they had at the turn of the century. The reporter who used to cover your company is gone; now there’s a reporter who covers your industry, or several industries. He has less time for you and your pitch. Newspapers have fewer pages than before. A 2008 study showed that 34% of newspapers had reduced business coverage; only 17% had increased it. High-priced veteran reporters are being replaced with younger tech-savvy journalists who have no long-standing… Read More »

Zeen aims to make it easy to publish great web magazines (and other content)

Zeen logoI’ve been playing with the beta of Zeen, the new social publishing platform from YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Communicators, take note. This could evolve in short order into a service worthy of your attention.

At first glance, Zeen looks like yet another content curation site. It takes only a few minutes creating a zeen to realize it’s more than that. It’s a web publishing tool, making it easy to create visually appealing e-magazines, ebooks, scrapbooks, guides, manuals and a host of other formats, incorporating your own narrative and digital assets while also adding videos, images and words from others to your work.

Edit a zeen pageRead More »

Friday Wrap #27: Multimedia news releases, fake news releases, gamification failures, info overload

Friday WrapI’m knocking out this week’s Wrap from a hotel room in Cary, North Carolina. Feel free to check out Links from Shel, the link blog where I save all the various posts and articles from which I choose the items to appear in the Wrap (as well as those I’ll talk about on For Immediate Release.

The Social Media News Release lives; we just don’t call it that any more

A controversy swirled around the idea of the Social Media News Release (SMNR), which was derided as little more than lipstick on a pig. Some argued that the whole idea of the press release had run its course in the era of social media. A few years later, nobody talks about the… Read More »

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