Friday Wrap #43: The state of news, digital marketing’s future, illustration storytelling, and more

Friday Wrap, movie-styleAmidst the din of the big stories of the week, it’s easy to miss some of the smaller reports that still could have big value for you and your communication efforts. Friday Wrap to the rescue! Here every Friday I share some of the other posts and articles you may have missed. I select the final items for the Wrap from, where I collect the candidates for the Wrap as well as for my blog and podcast. You’re welcome to check it out for even more crunchy news and commentary.

The state of news has implications for PR

The decline of traditional journalism continues, according to the Pew Research Center’s “The State of… Read More »

Friday Wrap #40: Paid social surges, how-to pinning,the Instagram-Facebook link, naming Nemo

Friday Wrap #40

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The coming surge of paid social media

Seriously, I’ve done 40 of these wraps? As always, this week’s wrap presents some news from the previous seven days that might have slid by your newsfeeds unseen. I collect links for consideration for the Wrap (as well as my weekly podcast in a link blog at”. You’re welcome to subscribe to stay current on even more good stuff that may have been under your radar.

Promoted tweets and native ads “have done the impossible,” according to Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes; they have made advertising a bit more tolerable. The proof is in the numbers, Holmes writes in a… Read More »

Friday Wrap #39: Twitter limits, mobile heat, a tweet’s value, gamifying for collaboration, and more

Friday Wrap #39

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Friday seems to have arrived faster than usual this week. The laws of physics say that’s not possible. I say, Where did the week go? Not that there was any shortage of news you may have missed. Here’s this week’s rundown, drawn from items I have saved to my link blog,

Best laid plans: Twitter limits derail Coke’s Super Bowl plans

If there’s a case to be made for maintaining your own owned platforms in addition to using social channels owned by third parties in your marketing efforts, it’s Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl experience. Despite establishing a social media “war room” to execute plans for… Read More »

Friday Wrap #36: Social media and call centers, small business, B-to-B, customer-hating businesses

Friday Wrap

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The Friday Wrap is a review of articles and posts I’ve found over the past seven days of interest to communicators that they may have missed. I save everything I’ll consider for the Wrap—as well as items to report on my podcast—to my link blog,

Call centers served best by social media for damage control

Social media is finding its way into call centers. In fact, some call centers have changed their names to reflect the fact that they deal with more than just phone calls in their efforts to provide customer service, integrating responses to queries originating on Facebook, Twitter and other… Read More »

Five ways to deliver content your customers want

Disney Parks post about Club 33A report from Forrester five years ago revealed that people didn’t trust corporate blogs. It was the evidence a lot of skeptical executives needed to shut down their companies’ blogging efforts. Not so fast, Forrester exec Josh Bernoff wrote in his blog. It’s not because it’s a corporate blog that people don’t like it. “Blogs exclusively about companies and products are what I think generate these low trust ratings,” Bernoff wrote. “So don’t do a blog like that.”

If your corporate blog—indeed, if any of your content efforts—are just more channels for pushing messages you want your customers to get, it’ll fail. The overarching concept… Read More »

Press releases treated as part of content marketing will be inherently social

Press ReleaseSHIFT Communications’ release of an updated Social Media Press Release template—first introduced in 2006—more fully weaves social media into the release with a focus on making it as easy as possible to share its various elements.

While the first template and the version 1.5 follow-up both sparked a considerable amount of attention, the new 2.0 version caused barely a whisper. When we chatted about it briefly on our podcast, For Immediate Release, Neville Hobson remarked that interest has waned considerably and that nobody much talks about the concept any more.

At some levels, it’s disappointing. Despite the objections raised by many… Read More »

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