Friday Wrap #165: Google AMPs up news, Facebook may pay users, the public wants CEOs to be social

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Why communicators can’t waste time getting up to speed on chatbots

CNN's Messenger chatbotIt feels like 1992 all over again.

I first got online around 1985 via a local BBS. I was on CompuServe a year later, and the pre-graphical web in 1990. Through all this time I kept sounding the alarm: The online world is going to change the practice of public relations and organizational communication. Mostly my warnings were dismissed. By 1992, when the web was just starting to heat up, I would tell organizations they needed a website. “Why would we need one of those?” was the most common answer.

Today, I’m saying much the same thing about chatterbots (or chatbots or just plain bots), and the answers I get sound like this:

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