Friday Wrap #94: New Twitter features, Google Glass class, marketers struggle with digital, and more

Friday Wrap #93The Friday Wrap is your weekly source of curated news, research, reports and posts that may have slipped by unnoticed, but that could prove useful to communicators and marketers. I collect items that I consider including in the Wrap (as well as my podcast) at my link blog, Links From Shel, which you’re welcome to follow.

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Twitter makes photos more social—Twitter has introduced two new mobile features designed to make photos on the platform more social, according to the Twitter blog. Taking a page from Facebook, Twitter has enabled tagging, letting you tag up to 10 people in an image without affecting your 140-character… Read More »

Friday Wrap #82: Facebook’s teen problem, lackluster native ad results, CSR’s growing importance

Friday Wrap Champagne BottleHere at Holtz Communication + Technology, we hope your holiay season has been everything you wished for and that 2014 brings you success and happiness. Even as things wound down for the year at HC+T headquarters, I still collected a treasure trove of great stories you may have missed. You can check out (and follow) the collection of stories from which I select items for the Wrap at

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Teens fleeing Facebook doesn’t mean much

Facebook has acknowledged that teens are leaving the social network for other services where their parents can’t keep track of them, and a recent UK study confirms the teen… Read More »

Friday Wrap #81: Execs get social, Vanity Fair gets native, the Web gets visual, YouTube goes live

Friday Wrap #81You would think the holiday season would mean a slowdown in news, research and reports, but the last week has seen plenty of useful and usable content cross my feeds. Here are some of the stories I found most interesting, even though they didn’t bubble to the top of the trend lists. If you’d like to follow every story I peg for possible inclusion in the Friday Wrap, visit my link blog at

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Executives are finally figuring out social media

The last several years have produced a number of studies and reports showing that the C-suite thinks social media is someone else’s job. Notably, a study from… Read More »

Six ways to use social visual media for internal communications

Images for Internal Communications

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Digital content consumption is going heavily visual. The uptake of services like Instagram and Vine, Tumblr and Pinterest has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s not just the number of people using these sites, or how often or how long they visit. The engagement levels are also through the roof.

Since most online trends seem eventually to find their way to the enterprise, the surge in image-as-message is undoubtedly coming. But why wait? Your company’s employees are among those already sharing photos and creating six-second videos. Here are six ways you can tap into the trend to enhance your employee… Read More »

Friday Wrap #70: Brand sharing, content’s importance, B2B and emotions, RSS is back, and more

Friday Wrap #70
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It was hard keeping the Wrap down to a reasonable number of items this week, so I stopped trying. Not everything I flagged is here, though, so if you want to see all the entire collection of stories from which I drew this week’s bits and pieces, visit my link blog at

Brands should share more; consumers don’t think they do

Sharing content is great, but limiting sharing to content is one-dimensional thinking. Ninety percent of customers want marketers to disclose more about their brands, according to a new Edelman report, but only 10% of customers think brands are meeting this need. The… Read More »

Friday Wrap #66: social stats, Twitter on Topsy, succeeding on Reddit, floundering Facebook hashtags

Friday Wrap

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The tale of a British Airways passenger buying a promoted tweet to complain about lost luggage was everywhere this week (including this very blog), along with a couple other high-profile stories. There were also some studies, reports and posts that could easily have escaped your attention, but no worries. I collect the ones I think communicators will find interesting every week in this space. The items from which I make the final selection are housed on my link blog at

Pew releases social media demographic study: Facebook is king

A comprehensive social media survey conducted over several… Read More »

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