Pop-up ads do their job

Posted on September 13, 2004 10:59 am by | Business

Here’s one from the “blinding flash of the obvious” department. Wired News reports that pop-up ads and other annoying, intrusive, interruptive advertising—including spam—works. Well, yeah. I sorta figured that’s why they were still around. If advertisers weren’t making money off these aggravations, they would have vanished a long time ago.

The article notes that pop-ups generate 5 to 10 times the response rate of banner ads. Further, last year consumers spent $32 billion (with a b) on products advertised in e-mail messages.

This just reinforces my belief that the only way to put an end to spam and pop-ups is through a public awareness campaign to get people to stop buying from spammers and pop-up advertisers.

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