PR firms adopting wikis

Mike Manuel offers a nice post on the uptake of wikis by PR firms. If you’re not a PRWeek subscriber (I’m not), you won’t be able to read the item Mike links to, but he does include some of the scenarios in which a wiki might have helped. A sampling:

  • A press release went out with an error because the deadline was approaching and a change wasn’t implemented
  • You often have projects that require the constant feedback of multiple users in different countries

There’s more in Mike’s post.

Legal implications of employee blogging

An article in the tech trade publication ComputerWorld looks at the legal liabilities of employee blogging. The article lists a litany of problems that could arise, including libel, inappropriate disclosures, statements that could be used during litigation (a problem that isn’t new to blogs, given cases in which e-mails and posts to message boards have been used against a company), and more.

Via Nevon

Blogging’s impact on business

Rich Ord makes the case in an article in WebProNews that business blogs (he cites Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion as an example) “are the beginning of the new business influencers ? complimenting business and industry websites and magazines. ” While it’s possible for these blogs to become profitable businesses, just like a trade publication, Ord believes

More promising is how industry blogs will impact business decisions. Industry blogs will become a primary source of information for managers and corporate influencers. We are on the verge of a new wave of successful e-publishing businesses based on niche blogs. Over the next couple of…

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I take it all back

I complained last week about Stata Labs, makers of the soon-to-be-extinct Bloomba e-mail client, for abandoning their customers in the wake of their acquisition by Yahoo. Having used Bloomba for quite some time, and knowing from Stata’s announcement that the software was not part of Yahoo’s plans for the company, I (and most other Bloomba users) had reached the conclusion that we had to move back to Outlook. But while importing Outlook e-mail into Bloomba was a snap, getting Bloomba e-mail back into Outlook is a laborious process. If Stata cared about all the customers it was abandoning, I reasoned, they would create a utility to handle… Read More »

Painted with the same brush

Several PR blogs are talking about San Jose Mercury News tech columnist Dan Gillmor’s item about a PR pitch he received. The pitch reflects on a client and a counselor with no clue about the world of blogging or what constitutes effective public relations. In case you haven’t read it, here’s an excerpt: “(Person’s name), CEO could talk to you about ‘What F1000 Companies are doing to take action against bloggers’ and ‘How companies are taking steps to protect their corporate reputations from bloggers/digital influencers.’”

Worse than the pitch is Gillmor’s reaction: “This is a remarkably myopic view of the blogosphere, but it reflects… Read More »

Direct from RSS feed to your intranet

Continuity Central occupies an interesting business niche. They business continuity resources. Continuity, according to the site, is “‘the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organisation can continue to function through an operational interruption.” Today, the company has added an RSS service that allows companies to add business continuity news to their Web sites and intranets.

“This standard XML-based service allows headlines and summaries of news stories to be automatically pulled from Continuity Central and formatted as per the user’s own stylesheet,” according to the announcement.

Of course, the… Read More »

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