Bogus blogs reports that celebrities suddenly find themselves plagued by bogus blogs. Targets so far have included Quentin Tarantino and Nick Nolte. It shouldn’t take long before we find ourselves confronted by fake blogs that purport to represent our businesses, products and clients.

Another perspective on corporate blogging

David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, offers a post about corporate blogs (thanks to CommonCraft for the pointer). Sifry takes a stab at defining corporate bloggers: “People who blog in an official or semi-official capacity at a company, or are so affiliated with the company where they work that even though they are not officially spokespeople for the company, they are clearly affiliated.”

Sifry offers a chart showing who’s blogging in the corporate world. Six companies dominate nearly half the 5,000 or so corporate blogs, leading Sifry to observe, “To me this shows that we are still at the relative start of accepted use of… Read More »

The customer be damned

The folks at Stata Labs must be ecstatic. Around for barely a year, they were purchased last week by Yahoo! The kind of money involved probably made the principals downright giddy. Maybe that’s why they forgot about their customers.

Bloomba made two products: SA Proxy, a Spam Assassin-based spam filter, and Bloomba, a revolutionary e-mail client. At Bloomba’s heart is an index that makes searching for an e-mail a breeze. You don’t need folders in Bloomba; just save your search. You can easily add newer e-mails to the search.

So impressive is the search capability that Yahoo! had to have it to bolster their own e-mail service,… Read More »

One-third of employees don’t meet job’s writing requirements

A study commissioned by The College Board (the folks behind the SATs) revealed that a majority of employers say about one-third of their workers don’t meet the writing requirements of their positions. In a Communitelligence piece, Robert Holland quotes College Board President Caston Caperton: “Businesses are really crying out. They need to have people who write gooder.”

Okay, I’m kidding. He did say “write better.” The study notes that the problem exists in mining; construction; manufacturing; transportation and utilities; services; and finance, insurance and real estate. “It seems companies want everyone to be able to communicate… Read More »

Customer problems are a good thing

Most organizations would agree that their goal is zero customer problems. According to Heidi Collins, who manages knowledge efforts through Air Products and Chemicals’ IT department, it can actually be better for a company’s reputation to have customer problems and solve them to have no customer problems at all.

Collins, author of “Corporate Portals” and “Enterprise Knowledge Portals,” said customers feel good about a company that solves their problems quickly and efficiently, and develop a strong sense of confidence that the organization will be able to resolve any future issues that might arise. Consequently, companies that solve… Read More »

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