Pop-up ads do their job

Here’s one from the “blinding flash of the obvious” department. Wired News reports that pop-up ads and other annoying, intrusive, interruptive advertising—including spam—works. Well, yeah. I sorta figured that’s why they were still around. If advertisers weren’t making money off these aggravations, they would have vanished a long time ago.

The article notes that pop-ups generate 5 to 10 times the response rate of banner ads. Further, last year consumers spent $32 billion (with a b) on products advertised in e-mail messages.

This just reinforces my belief that the only way to put an end to spam and pop-ups is through a public awareness… Read More »

Work is social

More than 21% of Americans—about 11 million people—use Instant Messaging at work, according to research conducted by those hard-working folks at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The increased use of IM in the workplace (and in general) is partly a reaction to spam, which has rendered e-mail less desirable than it once was.

But with workplace IM comes the inevitable productivity complaint. The Pew study found that 40% of those using IM at the office send personal messages to co-workers and 33% to friends and family, while only 21% said they sent both personal and work-related messages.

My profound reaction to this (and to… Read More »

Amazon’s blogcasts

The Amazon.com Web site includes a section called “Early Adopters.” Here, that small group of people who have to have the first release of gadgets, music, movies, or whatever can find out what the newest items are and satisfy that jones. Amazon offers early-adopter categories for electronics, hand-helds, DVDs, cell phones, books, tools and hardware, video games, cameras, and more.

Each of those category pages now includes a “blogcast”,  a roundup of items from blogs that focus on the category’s products. The blogcasts appear to be automated through the capture of RSS feeds, since some items in the blogcasts are accompanied by… Read More »

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