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Posted on August 9, 2004 11:22 am by | Business

The Web site includes a section called “Early Adopters.” Here, that small group of people who have to have the first release of gadgets, music, movies, or whatever can find out what the newest items are and satisfy that jones. Amazon offers early-adopter categories for electronics, hand-helds, DVDs, cell phones, books, tools and hardware, video games, cameras, and more.

Each of those category pages now includes a “blogcast”,  a roundup of items from blogs that focus on the category’s products. The blogcasts appear to be automated through the capture of RSS feeds, since some items in the blogcasts are accompanied by timestamps like “15 minutes ago.” The Electronics Blogcast includes items harvested from Engadtet and Gizmodo—the two most popular gadget-oriented blogs—along with several others. The DVD blogcast’s items come from the likes of Moreover and DVD Answers.

Why? The items in the blogcast don’t synch with those listed on the page, so it’s not blatant selling. But it is a way to appeal to people who already read blogs and even satisfy a desire to know what’s in more than one blog at a time. KNowing the blogcasts are there—aggregating content about topics buyers are interested in—could drive more traffic to these pages. It’ll be interesting to see if listing items from blogs can help a company sell more of its goods.

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