Friday Wrap #87: Pew’s Facebook data, too many apologies, brands and Paper, real-time audio, & more

Wrap PartyThe Friday Wrap is my weekly review of items I caught in my feeds and subscriptions that I found interesting enough to share, but don’t include the big news items you weren’t likely to miss. I select items for the Wrap from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow. It’s at

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This hardly looks like a teen exodus

73% of U.S. teens are on Facebook. If that’s a teen problem, I’d be curious to see what success looks like. The AllFacebook has details and tons of other stats released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project on Facebook’s 10th anniversary. For instance, 54% of U.S. adults use the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #86: Facebook is a requirement, newsrooms don’t deliver, Twitter is a news source

Friday WrapThe Friday Wrap is my weekly culling of articles and posts I’ve collected that could be of interest to communicators, but that you may have missed in your own scans. I collect all the items I’ll consider for the Wrap at my link blog,, which you’re welcome to follow.

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Facebook is not optional

That’s the conclusion of SHIFT Communications’ Christopher S. Penn after reviewing Facebook’s 2013 fourth quarter and annual reports. With 1.23 billion montly active users, the social network reaches 44% of the global Internet-enabled population. Almost 80% of Facebook users access the service from a mobile… Read More »

Friday Wrap #83: Facebook rules, vanishing office messages, frigid real-time marketing, and more

Friday Wrap #82

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The holiday break is over and we’re all getting back into the swing of work. The first few days of 2014 have seen no shortage of news and reports of interest to communicators, and the first Wrap of the new year features some gems. As always, you can keep up with all the stories I collect on my link blog at

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Adult adoption of social media continues to grow

More and more adults continue to adopt social media, with Facebook maintaining its status as the top platform even as an increasing number of adults tap into more than one social network per day. According to new data from… Read More »

Friday Wrap #82: Facebook’s teen problem, lackluster native ad results, CSR’s growing importance

Friday Wrap Champagne BottleHere at Holtz Communication + Technology, we hope your holiay season has been everything you wished for and that 2014 brings you success and happiness. Even as things wound down for the year at HC+T headquarters, I still collected a treasure trove of great stories you may have missed. You can check out (and follow) the collection of stories from which I select items for the Wrap at

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Teens fleeing Facebook doesn’t mean much

Facebook has acknowledged that teens are leaving the social network for other services where their parents can’t keep track of them, and a recent UK study confirms the teen… Read More »

Friday Wrap #81: Execs get social, Vanity Fair gets native, the Web gets visual, YouTube goes live

Friday Wrap #81You would think the holiday season would mean a slowdown in news, research and reports, but the last week has seen plenty of useful and usable content cross my feeds. Here are some of the stories I found most interesting, even though they didn’t bubble to the top of the trend lists. If you’d like to follow every story I peg for possible inclusion in the Friday Wrap, visit my link blog at

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Executives are finally figuring out social media

The last several years have produced a number of studies and reports showing that the C-suite thinks social media is someone else’s job. Notably, a study from… Read More »

Reddi-wip’s Betterific campaign shows a campaign on a small social site can deliver big results

Reddi-wip campaign on BetterificWhen plotting a social media campaign, it’s just human nature to consider the key players. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram—that oughta do it, given the potential reach based on their overall user numbers.

There are countless other players out there, though, that might deliver even better results, not based on how many people use the service but, rather, what they use it for and what kind of results you want.

Take Betterific, a social recommendation site still in beta. While I couldn’t find any reference to the site’s monthly active user count, Alexa ranks them 710,528 globally and 341,791 in the U.S. They’re not… Read More »

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