“Trust Agents” and the complexities of trust

The ability of organizations to develop relationships of “spontaneous sociability,” the ability to form trusting relationships with diverse strangers, predicts when an organization will compete effectively.

If you think the quote above is a conclusion of the Edelman Trust Barometer or a quote from any of the flood of recent social media-focused books, guess again. It was a key finding of a study concluded in 2000 by the IABC Research Foundation titled “Measuring Organizational Trust” (link opens a PDF).

You would think, reading all the conversation about trust in the social space, that bloggers and others active in social media… Read More »

Kindles, paperbacks, and beaches

A few shows back, the Twit crew—Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, and some other guests—praised the Amazon Kindle ebook while simultaneously predicting ebooks would never take off. The gist of their thinking: We never see any Kindles anywhere.

On the other side of the equation is Steve Rubel, who believes we are but six short years away from seeing the death of most tangible media and the serious decline of any that haven’t perished. This would, of course, include books.

The reality is somewhere in between.

Shel HoltzIt’s absurd to believe that Borders and Barnes & Noble stores will all be shuttered by 2014 and that Amazon’s book business will have… Read More »

Resources and thanks for my new book, “Tactical Transparency”

Shel HoltzA week or so ago, I received my author’s copies of “Tactical Transparency,” the new book I’ve co-written with John C. Havens, and even though it’s my sixth book, I felt that same old thrill the day it went on sale. I’m also very hopeful about the book’s prospects. I must have heard President-Elect Barack Obama utter the word “transparency” about 10 times during his “60 Minutes” interview this past Sunday, and a Google search shows the word has appeared about 567,000 times in the last month alone.

There’s nothing quite like good timing.

Now that the book is available, I want to let you know about a special offer that makes the… Read More »

The first copy of Tactical Transparency

Shel Holtz

The doorbell rang late yesterday. I was ready to be assailed by yet another advocate for or against one of the ballot propositions, but it turned out to be my regular UPS guy with an envelope containing one copy of the new book I have co-authored with John C. Havens, “Tactical Transparency.” The official release date is November 8, but it’s great to have a copy to show off. It’s only my second hardcover (the first was “Corporate Conversations”), and the production values are great. Most flattering are the testimonials from the likes of Chris Brogan, Andy Sernovitz, Paul Levy, Jonathan Schwartz, David Meerman Scott, Pete Blackshaw, and… Read More »

Work on transparency book is underway

I’ve been wanting to make this official for some time, but now that the contracts are signed, I can let the cat out of the bag. I’m excited to be co-authoring a new book on the role of communications in promoting business transparency. I’m even more thrilled to be co-writing the book with John C. Havens, lead organizer for PodCampNYC, VP of Business Development for BlogTalkRadio and a well-known figure in the world of social media.

The book is tentatively titled “Media 2.Open: Tactics for Transparency.” It will be published by Jossey-Bass, a John Wiley & Sons imprint, as part of the series of books Jossey-Bass is publishing with the… Read More »

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