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I’m working on a document dealing with influence and services that purport to rate it, like Kred, Klout and PeerIndex (among others). In reviewing alternatives, I was reminded of Technorati. I dropped into Technorati for the first time in a long time and realized I hadn’t updated my profile since switching to a new host for this blog.

After saving the update, I received an email from Technorati telling me that, to validate the blog, I had to include the following “claim token” in a post on the blog:


The FAQ indicated I could put it into a post on another topic, then delete it after the Technorati listing updated. But I figured, what the hell, it’s easier to write a post. Here’s what the FAQ says:

Make sure the claim code (also called the claim token) is in a post and is visible in your feed. Technorati relies very heavily on feeds for all of our processing, so make sure we can find the code there. And the code needs to be in a post—there are too many ways to get text onto someone else’s blog page, so we require that you demonstrate that you can actually make or edit a post to claim a blog.

We realize that putting this odd code text into your feed means that all of your feed followers (and perhaps Twitter, Facebook, and other sites) will see it, but it’s the best method we’ve found so far to demonstrate to us that you control the blog. You can remove the code once the claim is complete.

It’s probably best to put the code at the beginning of an existing post, and then remove it after claiming. Many feeds do not include the full post, so putting it at the start of a post ensures it gets into your feed. Then when you’re done, you can remove it and it’s gone. If you create a new post for the code and then delete the entire post, many systems cannot tell if the post was deleted or just aged off of the feed like an old (but still valid) post, so may not remove it when you do.

So, as long as I’m posting this, let me ask: Is anybody relying on (or even using) Technorati to assess influence or authority these days?

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