Friday Wrap #89: LinkedIn blogging, sharing isn’t reading, unprepared for online complaints, & more

Friday Wrap #89The Friday Wrap is a collection of items from the last week that could be useful for communications professionals but that may have slipped by unnoticed (particularly in the wake of big news stories like Facebook’s blockbuster acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp). I collect all the items I might possibly use in the Wrap on my link blog at, which is also the source I use for selecting items to cover on my podcast, For Immediate Release; you’re welcome to tap into this larger collection of stories and posts.

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Anyone can now blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Influencer Program—which serves as… Read More »

Friday Wrap #85: SMBs neglect Twitter, print lives, Google advises against guest blogging, and more

Friday Wrap 85The Friday Wrap is my weekly collection of stories from the past week that you may have missed but that could influence the way you communicate. I collect stories to consider for the Wrap (as well as for the For Immediate Release podcast I co-host) at my link blog, which you’re welcome to peruse at

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Why aren’t small- and medium-sized businesses using Twitter?

A comparison of large businesses and SMBs reveals that small and medium businesses aren’t using Twitter anywhere near as much as their bigger cousins. Simply Measured’s analysis, reorted in Geekwire, reveals that the Interbrand 100… Read More »

FIR Interview: Laura Thomas, Dell’s new Chief Blogger

Direct 2 Dell logo

One of the pioneering organizations that ventured into the embryonic blogosphere in the early days of social media was Dell with its Direct2Dell corporate blog.

Launched in 2006, Direct2Dell gained early praise for its authenticity and transparency in how it enabled the company to engage with customers, fans and critics during a challenging time for Dell in customer relationship management in what became widely known as "Dell Hell."

In the ensuing years under the leadership of Chief Blogger, Lionel Menchaca - who has been a frequent guest on FIR podcasts - Direct2Dell evolved and developed as a credible place on the social web for… Read More »

Friday Wrap #77: Workers want to leave, marketers want to spend, BP wants more bad press to go away

Harry Houdini, all wrapped upWe had a great turnout at the Social Media Breakfast East Bay, with about 75 participants convening on a diner in Oakland to hear Robert Scoble and Shel Israel talk about the Age of Context, the theme of their excellent (and highly recommended) new book. As one of the event co-organizers, I was chuffed (as my British podcast co-host would say) at the turnout. You should check to see if there’s a Social Media Breakfast in your town! In the meantime, here’s this week’s review of stories that caught my attention during the past week. I collect the ones I might use for the Wrap (and the podcast) at

Above the fold… Read More »

Friday Wrap #60: deflating social media bubble, Fortune 500 adoption, Facebook’s reach, rising FOMO

Friday Wrap #60

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Edelman sparked a lot of conversation this week with its report on PR’s role—and the need for ethical behavior—in the growing field of native advertising. I’ll talk about that, and some contrary points of view, on Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release. In the meantime, a lot of other news and research was shared during the past week, some of the most interesting of which (to me, anyway) is listed in today’s Wrap. As always, you can find the bigger list of items from which I chose today’s Wrap material at my link blog,

A deflating bubble doesn’t spell the demise of social media

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Friday Wrap #59: NTSB goes social, Fortune 500 gets more social, Reddit sparks a PR crisis, and more

Friday Wrap #59

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As I was preparing this week’s Wrap, I had to force myself to stop. The week’s collection of stories that may have escaped your attention featured a lot of releases of reports and studies, several PR kerfuffles, a load of stories about great use of social and digital media, and several salient analyses. You can see all the stories I tagged this week at my link blog, In the meantime, here are the ones I found most interesting or useful.

NTSB turns to social media to feed insatiable public appetite for Asiana updates

The crash landing of the Asiana Boeing 777 at San Francisco International… Read More »

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