Sprout moves to public beta

Posted on March 13, 2008 8:54 am by | Widgets

Shel HoltzIf you need proof that widgets are popular with both publishers and viewers, take a look at Sprout, a Web app that lets you create sophisticated widgets with ease. (The widget that plays the latest episode of For Immediate Release, over on the right-hand side of this blog and wherever you, dear reader, choose to put it using the “share” code, took about 10 minutes to create using Sprout.) According to an email I received from the Sprout team, the private beta led 5,000 people to create 17,000 widgets that have been viewed by 11 million people.

Concurrent with the release of an upgrade to the application that responds to input from private beta users, Sprout has opened its doors and now is in public beta. It’s definitely worth your time to try out the service (particularly since it’s still free). More improvements are due in a month, including animations. The team also promises a way to remove the Sprout bar, the horizontal graphic attached to every widget that identifies it as a Sprout object. I suspect that’ll be part of a fee-based service, like getting Eudora email without the ads.

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  • 1.I like exploring with my widgets. They give me a whole lot more to work around with.

    JJ | March 2008

  • 2.Er, "bega?" :) I want to link this, so if you're going to edit the title shoot me an email.

    Love the podcast and the blog, and I recently started following your tweets. Can't find Hobson though, what's up with that?

    J-P Voillequ | March 2008 | Portland, OR, USA

  • 3.Thanks, J-P. Proves one shouldn't blog anything before that first cup of coffee.

    The link to Neville's blog is on the FIR blog, but here it is: http://www.nevillehobson.com.

    Shel Holtz | March 2008

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