FIR Live: Language Translation for Communicators

FIR Live: Language Translation for Communicators
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Language translation has bedeviled communications and PR practitioners forever, but the rise of digital media has complicated the situation in a number of ways. The requirements for producing content right now have led to a need for almost instantaneous translation while access to the Internet has introduced languages spoken in regions that weren’t previously participants in the economy.

Joining FIR co-host Shel Holtz to explore the various dimensions of language translation as a dimension of communications are…

  • Renato Beninatto, chief marketing officer for language translation company Moravia. He is the… Read More »

FIR Interview: Outbrain’s Jeff Pyatt on Outbrain, Content Marketing, and Native Advertising

OutbrainAmong the various classes of native advertising as defined by Edelman’s Steve Rubel, you’ll find “paid syndication,” in which “sponsored posts, articles, videos, slideshows and information graphics from corporations appear within the news section.” Rubel includes Outbrain among the examples of companies that “sprinkle sponsored links into a company’s earned or owned media in the footer of related news articles.”

Indeed, that’s precisely Outbrain’s approach. With dozens of algorithms that analyze user habits, Outbrain delivers a list of recommended links at the end of stories appearing on sites like CNN, Mashable, and Slate. Outbrain… Read More »

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #768: August 11, 2014

The Hobson & Holtz ReportFIR Live on August 14 with a panel to address language translation; Outbrain interview on August 13;

Quick News: Why the demise of marks the end of the bedroom vlog, Pinterest introduces messaging via pins, up to 100 brands to go as P&G declutters, can we stop stressing about Facebook’s Messenger permissions?; Ragan promo;

News That Fits: Are you making the most out of Tumblr?; Michael Netzley’s Asia Report: is Beijing punishing foreign companies, how big brands are succeeding in WeChat, and more; Hans Kullin’s expose of Okay App and fake LinkedIn profiles; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; listener comments in… Read More »

Friday Wrap #113: News sites suffer from Facebook outage, PR firms reject climate change deniers

Friday Wrap #113The Friday Wrap (which is what you’re reading) is a curated rundown of news, reports and posts from the past week that, while they didn’t go viral or attract much attention, are still interesting and useful for communications professionals. I select Wrap items from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.


Facebook outage produces drop in news site traffic—During Facebook’s 20-minute outage last week, traffic to news sites dropped 3% overall and more than 8% from mobile devices. Intriguingly, after the outage began, a 3.5% overall increase in desktop traffic occurred, sparked mostly by a 9% increase in loyal homepage… Read More »

Can the church-state separation of ads and editorial co-exist with native advertising?

Native advertising shouldn't be camouflaged editorialI was prepared to have all kinds of issues with John Oliver’s report on native advertising. Watching it, though, I had a problem with only one thing he said, and that one thing wasn’t that big of a deal.

From the time I was about 15, I wanted to be a newspaper reporter. I got a degree in Journalism and worked in the field for a while before leaving for organizational communications. I never lost the idealistic view of a free and independent press. I’m a huge believer in the journalistic separation of church and state.

But I’m also a believer in the potential of native advertising. The potential to salvage the news business is massive,… Read More »

Research pits leaders against internal influencers to see who can reach more employees

Internal Reach

At a company where I once worked, the president rebuked my plan for communicating an organizational change designed to ensure everybody knew about it. “If I want to make sure everyone knows something,” he said, “I know exactly which five secretaries to tell.”

He was succumbing to the idea that admins are inherently gossips, an offensive perspective, and in fact his failure to adopt a strategy for communicating led to a widespread lack of awareness about the change. But he was actually on to something. The idea of the right five people has a lot of merit.

I don’t encounter many internal communications departments that include… Read More »

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